Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 37. Amber Moments

Lately we've been chatting about Autumn being our favourite season of the year. 

Which reminds me of something Nancy Lindemeyer, former Editor in Chief of Victoria magazine, wrote in the September 1995 issue regarding a running discussion she has with her son about the seasons. His favourite season is Spring and hers is Autumn.

He asks, "How can you like misty mornings and falling leaves instead of clear spring mornings and trees in fresh green?"

She replies because she is a romantic... we romantics love rainy days and fall afternoons because they give us time to reflect. In spring we're too busy observing everything simply to sit back.

Yes, I think that's why I, too, like autumnal twilight, evening shadows, and cozy sitting rooms aglow with lamp lights. They provide an opportunity to sit quietly, to observe, reflect, dream, listen.

As I sit here at my desk writing this post, it's 7:30 in the evening. Dusk hovers outside my window. The sun has set, leaving a softly-tinted sky. My regal bell-shaped desk lamp now fills the study with a sense of golden tranquility. And I feel a peace settling around my shoulders, as the burdens and cares slip away in the quietude of the moment.

I hope you're having your own amber moments.  I'm wishing you peace.

Tranquilly yours,

PS. You might enjoy watching to this peaceful Evening Prayer video.

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  1. Autumn seems to be a favorite season for many people. I, too, love the autumn as the brightness of summer softens and sharper winds beckons us to draw nearer the fireplace.

    Speaking of beckoning, I think I hear my bookshelves whispering it's soon time for a visit. For those who don't have gardens to call us outdoors, thoughts of cozying up with a good story sounds lovely. Especially if it comes with pots of tea and plates of cookies.



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