Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 33. The Clutter Bugs Show Up Too!

Remember the Dust Bunny Conference I was telling you about the other day? Well, on closer inspection, it turns out that there's more to that story. It seems the Clutter Bugs showed up at my house the same time, so between the dust bunnies and the clutter bugs, I'm sure you can guess what I need to do for a couple of hours today.

Focus on how good it feels when you're done

When it comes to cleaning the house my first response is not always as enthusiastic as it could be. Sometimes I have to remind myself that setting things right in my home is part and parcel of creating a little heaven on earth. Order is part of what makes any setting feel more beautiful. It sets the soul free to think more clearly... and creatively too. If I only focus on the mess, I feel the negative ugg, but if I refocus my thoughts on the end result of my labours -- the beauty and comfort of a clean and tidy space in which I can enjoy alone or with others -- that changes everything.

Add something pretty or fun to the task

Plus, if I include something pretty, fun, or creative in the task as I go along that goes a long way too. For example, with a tidy house in sight, I suddenly feel like calling a friend to stop by for coffee later. Abandoning my feather duster for a moment, I run out into the garden with my snippers to gather a posy of late-blooming roses or cheery marigolds for the kitchen table. There, that looks lovely! Setting out the cups and plates along with those pretty seasonal napkins I've been longing to use -- for me, these all turn a tedious chore into something more luxurious and joyful.

So dear beautiful friends, I'm sending special 'heart of the home' wishes to you and hope you have a beautiful day!

Domestically yours,


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