Sunday, September 25, 2011

Simply Sunday: Being Silly


You might wonder at the oddity of today's title; perhaps you think it would be more suitable to think 'sacred' thoughts on a more set-apart day like Sunday. But, in a booklet called Zig Ziglar's Little Book of Big Quotes, Mr. Ziglar shares an interesting tidbit about it:
"Most of us would be upset if we were accused of being 'silly.' But the word 'silly' comes from the old English word 'selig,' and its literal definition is 'to be blessed, happy, healthy and prosperous.'

In light of that definition, may I take the liberty of wishing each of you a wonderfully silly Sunday!

Peace and joy,


  1. Hi Brenda, how sweet! Silliness is such a blessing! Silliness softens all the sharp corners of life. The endorphins it releases in our brains can help with the severest pain. Silliness can be such an expression of love and a constant reminder that there are sudden, joyful little explosions of laughter and merriment, just waiting out there to surprise us! I just love your post today. Have a happy sunday! Delisa :)

  2. interesting word, we could all use more humor or silliness, laughter in our lives...

  3. Words do change over time.
    I'm glad to know about this one.

    I also like what Delisa has to say in her comment, she left you.

    I'm looking forward to being silly now.

  4. And I hope your Sunday is equally silly!

  5. It's interesting how the true meaning of words gets lost. I love learning the meaning and history behind words such as where they orginated, and enjoyed learning this little tidbit.

    Hope you had a silly Sunday. :o)



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