Thursday, September 08, 2011

Blueberries in the Kitchen

 Blueberry Loaf Cake

Early this morning I dared turn on the oven (weatherman said it was going to be another hot one) to make raisin bran muffins, plus this new-to-me recipe for Blueberry Loaf CakeI made enough of both recipes to be able to share with a friend who is expecting company over the weekend.

It was well worth turning on the oven -- as you can see, the blueberry loaf turned out beautifully. I found the recipe at Taste of Home and is easily retrieved, so I won't post it here. And, if you are looking for the raisin bran muffin recipe, check out my sister's Best Ever Bran Muffins. It's a family favourite!

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My tip on how to avoid 'blue' dough.  No matter how gently and carefully I fold the berries into the batter, by the time it's all mixed everything is that purple blue. As much as I love blueberries, I do not care for the blue-streaked dough. Here is how I deal with it:

For a loaf: Pour half the batter into the prepared pan. Then I sprinkle the blueberries over top and finish adding and spreading the rest of the dough over the berries.

For pancakes: Ladle batter on the hot grill, then top with a few blueberries and press them slightly into the dough; that way they won't stick when you flip them to fry the other side.

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  1. I LOVE blueberry breads and muffins. Actually, blueberry muffins are my all-time favorite muffin. I could eat them everyday!!

    Thank you for the tip of how to keep the batter from getting stained. I will try that next time.

    It's always such a joy to bake something and then share it with others, isn't it? My daughter takes goodies to her job (at the library) every single week. They love it, and she gets great joy out of blessing them with the fruits of her culinary skills.


  2. It is very rare to find blueberries here, but I know what you mean about the 'dye' spreading! sometimes blackberries d the same, so I will file your tip.

  3. Looks delicious! Good tip too, blue dough is not such a god look.

  4. yum, reminds me of Icelandic pancakes thin with blueberries and cream inside that I had on my trip.

  5. Looks yummy. The blueberry is one of my favorite berries. If baking comes to the top of my list I will definitely check out this recipe.

  6. Thanks for the tip. This reminds me of my Cranberry Bread too. It looks yummy!


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