Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Opportunities Do Not Knock

Brooke Cagle / unsplash.com

People say opportunity knocks, but in my experience, it does not knock, at least, not so that you'd hear them. It tends to show up a little more quietly. Not always, but mostly.

In fact, if we were to give opportunities a personality, they seem a little shy. They arrive in our space unannounced. And they tend to dress incognito. They don't have logos on their t-shirts and they never hand out business cards saying, 'Hey, I'm the opportunity you've been waiting/praying for'.

They realize what we sometimes forget, that the responsibility to connect with them is not theirs, but ours. They have an almost naive anticipation that we will be wise enough to use our eyes and ears, and be alert to them, and so they arrive very quietly, no fanfare, no big drum-roll.

Have you found this to be true? Have you been missing some opportunities? What are you waiting for?

Let's not miss our opportunities.


  1. What a great message, Brenda! And one I can identify with so easily. I always seem to be waiting to see a huge billboard or to be handed that business card.


  2. interesting thoughts...sometimes it's just being open to what could develop. seeing the open window or door and daring to go in...

  3. Not being contrary here, but last week my boss sat me down and asked, "How many hours do you want to work, and what do you want to be paid?" Wow. How many people ever get that question and opportunity?! That ob portu came knocking!

  4. Ditto to you Brenda! I hope opportunity knocks for you! Have a beautiful day!

  5. Thanks everyone for your thoughts on opportunities.

    Sandy, it would appear you and me both have been waiting for neon sign notices announcing they've arrived. My experience is that mostly they come quietly, although some do arrive more boldly.

    Lin, that what I've noticed too... just being aware and being willing and even daring to see where something might lead. Even if in the end we decide it's not the right thing. But to be aware that it was an opportunity.

    Debbie, I am excited to hear of your loud-knock opportunity. Now that's what we're mostly waiting for...... As you say, WOW! What a great boss!

  6. Interesting thoughts on opportunities. I think they do appear in a variety of ways....but they don't knock persistently untill you pay attention. Sometimes you don't realize they were a great opportunity till they've gone.

  7. Great post Brenda, so many people sit idling by waiting for oportunity to ring their door bell. I always shake my head when I realize their lack of being responsible for their own happiness....:-) Hugs


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