Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not Too Late To Change

Today I'm sharing a couple of quotes that have been helpful to me. 
The first is from something I read by Richard Paul Evans. Though short, its message is powerful and, I must admit, most reassuring.
"No matter how irresponsible you've been in the past, or still are, it's never too late to take control."
How glad we can be that as each new day dawns there comes with it grace and mercy to start fresh, and with that the ability to take back those areas of our lives where we've left them drift.

* * * * *
Here's another one that seems to fit the theme, this one by Robert Fritz. I find his words empowering.
"The very moment you realize you are unhappy or frustrated with a situation, is your 'point of power' for now you have a clear picture of how you don't want things to be. Imagine the exact opposite of the frustrating situation, and there you have the makings of your vision."
How many times have we been unhappy about some situation, groaning about it, focusing on how awful or irritating it is ... all the while not recognizing there comes that clear, defining moment -- if we pay attention to our emotional language -- that helps us find our way back to our heart's desire.

Isn't that just so encouraging? 
On that note, I'm off... have a beautiful day!


  1. Ohhh, that could get scary! Thanks for all the food for thought that you provide. I find myself thinking on one thing or another quite often you may be happy (or not) to know.

  2. That quote by Evans is pretty true isn't it??? Hope your visit with your mother is great!

  3. Hope your visit with you Mom was a fun one! Giggling is good!

  4. sounds like my blog entry for today. I know Ricard L. Evans-he's deceased now but was the speaker of many inspirational messages on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Sunday mornings. It's still broadcast on CBS at 9:30 am mst. Good thoughts!

  5. As promised, I've dropped by for a long overdue "hello". I do visit periodically as I find your blog-home a great resource for book reviews, writing ideas, etc. And today's did not disappoint me!

    I've got way too many books stored on the backside of my brain's hard drive. One of these days I hope to begin downloading them into script. Since I just retired, I'm thinking that day is a lot closer than it once was.


  6. That Richard Paul Evans quote hit me right where God is working onme right now. Thanks for the encouragement that I'm on the right track. Ruth


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