Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Now Is The Best Time

"Never ever, ever leave a place of learning
without taking immediate action."
~ Jenny Flintoft, Director, AWHW.org

What? You mean right this minute? You mean I can't just add that great new idea to my pile until I find the time to tackle it?

According to Jenny, no you can't! Not if you want to change a habit or complete a project you've started. Not if you want to move forward in your business or actually get that book you have in your head out on paper. The more I think about it, the more I realize that far too often I've been a 'hearer' of a word and not a 'doer'. How often have I heard something new, been totally inspired, and then added the idea in my already bulging mental notebook, somehow thinking that just because I got 'goosebumps' from some amazing piece of information, it would automatically change my life. Maybe I thought it would happen by osmosis.

What really challenged me was when Jenny instructed her listeners to take one thing we learned that morning and immediately take action to implement it, to do it just as soon as we got off the phone.

I have to admit, it seemed too fast for me. But that's exactly what I needed. When will there be a better moment? A line from The King and I with Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr says it best:

"Now is always best time."

* * *

Another tip from Jenny: "Go through your existing e-books and products. Highlight, scribble, stick notes on things which you can action immediately. Then go action them. Don't buy any more products until you do."

I'm ready to action that -- now is always best time!


  1. good suggestion, relates to workshops attended or good books read or just daily inspiration. DO IT!

  2. Very interesting...
    Never thought about it, the way you've written it.
    You have a great way of inspiring us.

  3. Excellent advice. I, too, am often a hearer and not a doer.

  4. Great advice - I'd love to know what you did!

  5. Or, as the saying goes, "Just do it!"

    (Which we just did.) :-)

    Thanks for the reminder that time is not unlimited...

  6. Thanks you friends! You always make my day more beautiful!

    Lorrie, I did think about adding that but it was getting late in the day when I posted... my immediate action that day was to go to the AWHW site (of which I am a member) and indicate that I would be interested in meeting a power partner (someone to be accountable to). That was also something Jenny mentioned in her motivating talk.

    It really felt odd to do something that quickly. But it felt empowering too, because I was actually doing something in response to what I'd just heard.

  7. You and Jenny inspired me today. You are right, and that is difficult for my procrastinating mind to grasp. Thank you!

  8. This post was so on the mark with me, Brenda. I am so good at underlining, highlighting, clipping and planning; it's the doing where I fall short. Sometimes I think when I have planned something out well, I am half done but in reality I haven't even started.

  9. Such good words to take in and take action. Thanks for the push.

  10. I'm trying to put into action what you wrote about as I work my way through "The Right to Write" by Julia Cameron. I'm also making notes on the exercises she suggests at the end of chapter so that I can work on them now but also keep them in mind for the future. This morning I was awake at 6:00 a.m. and wrote my first 3 pages of what Julia calls "Morning Pages". It was an interesting experience. Blessings.


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