Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Carrie Wilkerson: Focus On Your Gifts

I've been following Carrie Wilkerson over at Barefoot Executive. I love her enthusiasm, zest for life, not to mention her timely and motivating postings, webinars and teaching videos.

So, I was pleased to find Carrie's guest post at 30 Minute Martha, where she shares a lighthearted, but empowering posting on remembering to focus on our own gifts without worrying that we might not do it the way someone else does it.  A good reminder for those of us to tend to compare ourselves with others.

Carrie says she comes from a long line of women who are a combination of Mary Poppins, Martha Stewart and Julia Child. But she is not one of them. To find out how Carrie better serves her world at large by doing what she does best, go ahead and click here.

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  1. That is what I'm doing this summer. Focusing on what I do have and not what I don't have. I need to want what I have and to focus on my gifts!

  2. You know what the trouble is with so many of us, right? We can't imagine that we have any...gifts, that is. Thanks for the link and I will check it out.

  3. Now that was wonderful. Again, thanks!


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