Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Please Wear Pants!

I just finished tsk-ing and giggling my way through an article Look Ma - no pants! in The Globe and Mail. Columnist Leah McLaren was wondering when it became okay to flash your underwear in public. Apparently there's a current trend in some places for people (men and women both) to go out in public, minus their trousers (and the women aren't wearing skirts either). Really...don't even try to imagine that one!

Which makes me glad for my 'old fogey' friends (sorry you guys)... so far, everyone we hang out with has always arrived fully clothed for the occasion.

It makes me wonder if this fad were to hang around for any length, restaurant owners would have to update their 'No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service' signs. Somehow it doesn't quite have the same rhythm if you add 'No Pants'. And then think about it, you've just sent invitations out for your daughter's wedding. Do you have to specify in the RSVP -- please wear trousers?

McLaren's closing comment make me laugh: "Take it from the fashion experts--pants are important. They cover our wobbly bits and separate us from the Muppets. Wear them early and wear them often and please, ladies, if you see me coming, put on a pair for me."

Well, that certainly added some colour to my otherwise low key day.

Here's to the usefulness of trousers!


  1. too funny, sloppy is definitely in

  2. Cute post....I definately wear pants to cover my wobbly parts!

  3. I couldn't imagine seeing someone without their pants on!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh I hope that levity will allow some to read that article and get a clue. It's always exciting when seeing one of these without proper clothing...where does one look? I try to look beyond. Ha!

  5. Well, I can't remember seeing anyone with NO pants, but I have seen more than one young man with pants so big around the top that I was amazed they stayed up!

  6. Never heard of this type of flashing. And I work in a high school.
    Consider me an "old fogey".

  7. Sounds like a article, to put a smile on one's face. And to make them shake their head in dismay, too.


  8. I thought I'd let you know that I will be wearing pants when we get together on Friday.


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