Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 9. Easily Delighted Souls

Have you ever been around someone who can never be pleased? Never delighted in what's going on around them? No matter what's said or done, it's just not good enough: it's too hot or too cold, too bright or too dark, too red, too purple, too loud, too soft.

If you've been on the receiving end of someone's never-ending complaints, you know how wearing it gets -- fatiguing our minds and souls, never mind our eyeballs which just want to roll around in our heads already. These not-so-dear complaining souls end up changing the atmosphere of any room they're in, they dampen any joyful mood.

It's easily done... falling into the habit of complaining and hardly realizing we're doing it. Little gripes and big sighs can become grating on patient nerves if it's done often enough. The complaining may be gentler, but it's still complaining.

Yet, there are those individuals who can be happy with whatever blessing they find, no matter how small. They are just as easily delighted by a stubby bouquet of dandelions as the finest long stemmed roses, by rain-splashed sparkles on a spider's web as flashing diamond earrings.

In truth, I'd like to be the customer who doesn't make restaurant servers and shop cashiers cringe when they see me coming. I desire to be the face people are glad to see coming up their driveway. I want to create an atmosphere that makes people happy they've come to visit. I want people to be glad when I drop into their lives.

Our souls are meant to laugh and sing and be grateful. It makes living so much more pleasant when we know how to enjoy simple pleasures and be content... even when things aren't perfect.

Be easily delighted... it's another way of living a beautiful life.


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  1. Now this is a very good reminder. I like the phrase 'to be easily delighted'. Being grateful for the gifts that come our way, no matter how small, puts us in that space to be easily delighted.



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