Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 7. Out of the Blue

Have you ever received a call 'out of the blue' and it is an old friend phoning with the hope that you're free for lunch? Or found a little note, a small wrapped package on your desk, and it wasn't even your birthday? Suddenly an ordinary day blossoms into something special.

What makes it so delightful? I think it's the spontaneity, the unexpectedness of the gift. We expect birthday and Christmas presents in our culture. But when someone does something out of the blue -- just because -- we feel special, noticed, appreciated.

'Out of the blue' gestures can be simple and they don't have to cost much more than a card and postage stamp.

A spur-of-the-moment tea party with your five-year-old, a single fragrant blossom left on a desk, or a branch of autumn leaves in a jar left on a neighbour's front step. A notebook tied with colourful ribbon. It's the surprise -- the sense of whimsy -- that gives the gesture its particular flavour.

You may recall the wise words "give and it shall be given to you." Why not do something spontaneous for someone today, and then watch it come back into your own life -- right out of the blue!

Spontaneously yours,


  1. I like those 'out of the blue' moments too. They add zest to any day to get those little surprises.

    I think one of Susan Branch's quotes fits here: "One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats."



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