Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 2. The Art of Ordinary Things

When was the last time you really looked at that pretty vase you just couldn't live without only a few months ago? Or the collection of pretty seashells you spent so much time searching for during your ocean holiday? What about the picture hanging over your computer? Do you still notice it?

How quickly we get accustomed to those things we see all the time. Our eyes glaze over and we don't even notice what we once considered a treasure. Perhaps that's why we love to bring out our holiday decorations; it gives us a chance to enjoy something different for awhile.

We don't always need brand new things to make our homes sparkle again. We can get a new look without breaking the bank. How? By simply giving our things a new home.

No, I don't mean offering them to the neighbours down the street. Or taking it to Goodwill. What I mean is... taking your pictures, ornaments, small tables, lamps and cushions, and placing them in uncommon corners in your house -- put them in different rooms. Give your long-stemmed glass candle holder the new job of holding short-stemmed pansies. Let the tranquil landscape painting in your rarely used dining room add peaceful bliss to your bedroom.

It's taking your old things, the stuff you have right now, and finding new ways to display them. The art of turning ordinary back into special -- a little like spinning straw into gold -- can add simple beauty to our every day lives.

Look for new ways you can make your home beautiful today.

Artfully yours,


  1. Hi Brenda,
    Thanks for your encouragement via the Inscribe Listserve! This is a cheery place you've created. And I like your idea of surprising yourself by finding new homes for old stuff. I think I'll try that!


  2. I often change things around in my house, especially when a new season arrives. I'm always amazed at how new and fresh things look when we tweak and rearrange our pretty things.



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