Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 8. Do You Sing?

You should work on projects that make your heart sing. ~ Lady Bird Johnson

Many of us may remember the little tune Snow White and her helpers sang and whistled in the old Disney movie. It seems even those short fellows recognized that whistling while they worked helped get the work done with more fun and less stress.

Whoever said that our life's work should be tedious or nose-to-the-grind-stone drudgery, I would like a word with those folks! Of course we don't always find ourselves in situations where we feel like whistling or singing. But maybe that's when we need to think about what we do every day and look more closely at the path we are on. Especially if the song has died in our hearts.

It took me years to step out of my fear zone and leave a workplace that I had outgrown mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My song had died. But I never had the courage to leave unless I had been forced by a physical, body breakdown. My body just quit -- it said, 'that's it, girl, the end of the road is here'. A culmination of work stress and having both my dear Dad and beloved nephew diagnosed with cancer at the same time all took its toll.

That was several years ago, and these past few years have been a time of getting my strength back physically, getting healed emotionally, as well as taking stock of my heart's desires.

My song is back. I'm so happy that sometimes I feel like I'm going to lift off like Winnie the Pooh's helium balloon when he's out looking for honey bees.

I'm at home, I'm married, and I'm writing... three dreams come true. Maybe that's why I have a growing passion to see other women fulfill their own heart's desires. I love to write, and through my writings, I want to encourage women to create their own Eden, that place where they will find fulfillment and joy in the lives they live.

'Cause it's true, if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. As women we hold the key to happy lives and happy homes for our families. That's why I invite you to rethink your own life. If your song has died, what will make the music begin again?

Surely it's never too late to find some work for our hands and for our hearts that will bring the joy back. If you don't know where to begin, I'd ask God, since He's the one who really wants us to succeed and be happy. And then I'd wait and listen.

Whether you hear something right away or whether it dawns slowly like an Alberta sunrise, if you listen, you will begin to hear a melody softly forming. It's in your heart. It wants to come out. It wants you to sing again!

Gracefully yours,

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  1. Oh yes, humming or singing a cheerful tune always lifts my spirits.

    Hope your day is filled with lots of melodies of joy.



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