Friday, February 06, 2015

The Beauty Of Overhauling Blog Archives

We've been doing some overhauls in the archives of It's A Beautiful Life.

From some research I've done, the 'experts' recommend that bloggers go back into their archives and update old posts, breathe new life to ones that are outdated, and then send them back into circulation to give new readers the pleasure of some of these wonderful old writings. It's a little like re-gifting. (There are ways to send it out there again, but we'll write on that another time).

We're also removing photos that we aren't sure of their origin and copyright, and replacing with either our own photos or using pics and graphics from sources that give clear permission to use. Even if we give the source, we could still be violating copyright so it's important to replace photos if we've just taken them from Google images or other places without permission.

In this creative exercise, we have discovered,just how much we've learned about blogging having written 1300+ posts since August 2008. Oh my, have we learned and matured, both in writing and presentation and just general blogging know-how.

I've been having fun as there is something stimulating about clearing up old stuff. Bringing order out of chaos. It's like cleaning out the pantry cupboards. You reorganize, toss, and find stuff you totally forgot about.

Please note: I have plans to chat more about the 'technical' aspect of updating and regifting old posts.  It will be under Blogging Tips (which if you go to the sidebar and find the Blogging Tips category, you'll see it's all been overhauled -- and I just love the little school ma'rm with her cute blackboard -- click for original source).

Now... to give you an idea of what I'm up to, I've gathered just a few links to posts that have been stuck in my archives a few years.

I blew off the dust, added some new thoughts, ironed the dog-eared corners, gave them a new title if the old one was obscure, gussied them up with pretty pictures (in the beginning I didn't always have a picture to include, and now we know how valuable that is to drawing in readers) ... I did this with the hopes that you won't mind revisiting them, while I continue working on brand new material for future posts.

On that note, I'm wishing you a beautiful day,



  1. I never thought of doing that Brenda. Well done!

  2. Dear Brenda - this is a delightful idea. I am looking forward to reading some of your archives since I am a bit new to your blog. Will check out your links as time permits. Take care and have a great week-end.

  3. Brenda, since I've been at this such a short time, I have not seen these previous posts, so enjoyed them. You have been at this for a looooonnnngggg time!

  4. Writers are always told to recycle their articles, so why shouldn't bloggers? This is a great idea! I love the pretty packages in your photos. Great idea! Wishing you a wonderful week.


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