Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shades of Blue

It's quite overcast and gray this morning. But we lament not, for the gorgeous neighbourhood jays fill my eyes with brilliant blue even when the sky remains dull.

What fun it is to watch them scan the area and then swoop in for a peanut in a shell. More than one is preferrable, if they can jam the second into their bills. They do check first to see if the shell is full or not. Smart birds, no use trucking off empty shells -- they must feel the weight, too light and they discard it for another.

Then, depending, they will either find a spot to hide their treasure, burying it under dead leaves up against the fence or under little snowy mounds. Or, climb to a safe spot on a bare branch and beak away at the shell until a nice plump peanut pops out... just in time for breakfast. Peck, peck, peck.

And so my morning begins with a glimpse of heaven in shades of blue.

Wishing you a lovely day,


  1. Such a beautiful bird, the blue jay, even if he is a bit raucous!

  2. Blue Jays are beautiful birds, even though they can be a tad mean to other birds sometimes.

  3. Dear Brenda - how can one resist those lovely birds with their shades of blue. They are very eye catching and love seeing them at my feeders as well. Have a delightful day.

  4. They are beautiful and amazingly smart birds! I remember these from my childhood in New England - their calls are imprinted in my memory. We have a different kind of Jay here - Stellar Jays - a little larger and solid blue. Hope you are having a lovely week. xo Karen

  5. The Jays in your part of the world are so beautiful. That blue is gorgeous and to have them coming to your feeders is another bonus. The European Jay which I thought was lovely to see, is quite dull compared to yours and they never comes to the feeders.thank you for sharing I loved seeing how different they are to the ones I see.here in rural France

  6. Brenda, such a beautiful bird, even if it is sometimes a bit feisty!

  7. Feisty is a great word to describe the blue jay, Linda Kay!
    They are so beautiful. I'm glad you're enjoying the current "view from your window," Brenda. Sometimes the unrelieved grey can drag down one's spirits. Then it's time for tea!

  8. He's a handsome fellow! They brighten things up around here, too.

  9. That is a cheerful sight outside your window! You're right, you know. We must look for color and cheer amidst the grey...it's there!


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