Friday, July 02, 2010

More Opportunity Musings

Do you recall that quote of John Lennon's: Life happens when you're busy making plans.

I notice opportunities work that way too. In fact, they often show up at highly irregular times... hardly when it's convenient. They come when there is suffering to be alleviated, when our heads are aching, when life is twirling in fast forward, when the grocery line is at a standstill. They arrive -- blam -- in the middle of it all, totally oblivious to what we consider ill-timed arrivals.

I've noticed that opportunities (however small) usually bring us to a cross-roads, that place where we must make a choice. Shall we stay or go? Shall we turn here? Shall we do this? I wonder how often I've let circumstances stand in the way of what I said I wanted because it didn't look exactly the way I thought it should.

I have been learning that sometimes in order to reach my destination of that 'perfect' whatever, I need to go through the open door that's available right now. And because we trust that God promises to direct our steps, even if I can't possibly see the 'why' of doing this, I know He knows the steps to get to the next door.

I guess in all this musing, the message I'm getting for myself is to have the boldness and courage to just do something--anything--rather than waiting for everything to line up perfectly. An opportunity is just that... an opportunity. I can take it or leave it.

I love what Star Wars Jedi Master, Yoda, tells Luke Skywalker when he says he'll give it a try. "No. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try".

Sometimes it's that simple. Do or do not. Step up and make the choice. One way or the other it clears the mind of confusion and lifts the fog from our path.

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  1. I like that sign. Sometimes there are just too many choices...but if we don't pick any we'll be left standing at the sign.

  2. Yes, well, I'm a ditherer. Lots of angst with any decision I must make so thanks for another good word. Perhaps it doesn't so much matter what the decision is as long as we make one.

  3. I needed this kick in the butt!!

  4. Betty, I agree, sometimes the choices seem overwhelming but the option of being left standing at the sign really doesn't sound too thrilling!

    Vee, I've noticed when I've taken more boldness in just doing something, anything, without laboring over the process, I've been pleasantly surprised at how freeing that feels. And I've never experienced any outcomes that have caused me irreversible damage. More likely, they've been positive.

    Staci, I can't imagine you really needed one, did you?

  5. john lennon said your quote at the first? I love his songs and many had a great message. good ideas in your post. trust and action to take open doors is so important.

  6. I sometimes find myself getting stuck with the "try" mentality and I have to shake myself and say either do it or don't - decide. Otherwise I get stuck in the mud and never seem to get anywhere. I do think the universe gives us lots of opportunities if we're just willing to walk through that first door, then the next, and then before you know it, your life could be so much more than you ever even wishes for. I guess you just have to have faith. :)

  7. Brenda;

    From what I've read so far, you are a beautiful writer.
    They call my husband Yoda at work, and Yoda said "do or do not, there is no try! if you're going to do it then go for it! I try and remember that in my own life.(there is that word "try" again, tisk)
    Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for visiting my blog!


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