Friday, July 09, 2010

Journal Jottings

I have chuckled more than once at one of Oscar Wilde's quips about travelling on long train trips.  Apparently he once said he always took his journals along so that he'd have something sensational to read.

Well, I haven't been on any train trips lately, and I don't know how 'sensational' my jottings would be, still it's fun to randomly pull one of my old journals from the cupboard. Not only does it house the record of The Life And Times of Brenda Leyland, but alongside my own musings, I tend to jot quotes or interesting thoughts from favourite magazines, books, or movies. Whether they provide inspiration, encouragement, laughter or creative imaginings, these sayings tend to settle in and become an integral part of my soul's fabric.

This morning, a pretty creamsicle-hued journal from 2007 beckoned me.  I opened it to see what voices might re-whisper words I need for today. This is what captures my attention:

On Keeping A Diary. "...keeping a a gesture of faith in the importance of your own voice, your own opinion. This is worth considering, worth recording, worth cherishing." ~ from Perri Klass, September '94 Victoria Magazine

On Solitude. "Solitude is a beautiful word. It sounds like sunlight through trees, or a walk on the beach, or a soprano voice that soars... I'd run out of sleep before the night lost its darkness.... This is the sort of time that begs for a marathon baking project, a cake with lots of layers demanding the kind of persnickety perseverance that pays off in sugar roses and "ooohs" from the children.....We gather beauty for gray days..." ~ from Catherine Calvert, A Day of Solitude, September '97 Victoria Magazine 

The Test for a Well-Decorated Room. According to Charlotte Moss, the test for a well-decorated room is simple: Does it invite you to settle in with a book and a cup of tea, even if no one is home? So, how does she choose colors for a room? Charlotte assesses how they would look on a rainy day when she's curled up with a book. And, what makes a comfy sofa? A solid back but never a solid seat -- you need to be able to sink into a pillow to read.

On Planning Ahead. "To the ancient Hebrews, each new day began in the evening. Each evening was devoted to rest, to family, to fellowship -- as well as to study and meditation in God's Word. Try devoting some of your time in the evening to quiet reflection and some inner planning. In other words, prepare yourself in the evening for the coming day." ~ from Emilie Barnes, Keep It Simple, p. 228

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I loved reading my older journals from when my boys were little!!

  2. I have lots of journals, too. Every once in a while I'll crack one open and read for a bit - sometimes I just have to laugh at myself, other times I can remember exactly what I was writing about with a searing certainty. I particularly enjoyed the bit on solitude - I loved her writings in Victoria.

  3. I agree, rereading journals from the past is fun. That's the reason I started, so I could go back and see how far I came.
    How many jounals do you have? Do you start a new one each year?

  4. Love re-reading my old journals, well most of the time anyway.

  5. journals are a lifesaver to sort out your feelings and preserve memories.

  6. I see that you too, are a lover of quotes from old Victoria magazines. :-)

    Sadly, I've never been able to maintain Journal writing. I think I only have one...

  7. You gathered some really nice thoughts. I particularly enjoyed reading the first because I have the biggest problem with that one. Everyone who blogs, though, is doing something along those lines.

  8. Haven't visited for awhile. Love your comments on Journaling.

  9. Your qotes reminded me of some quotes that I jotted a long time ago from Emilie Barnes. It is fun to return. . .

  10. Hi Brenda! I kept a journal for years and years-some where along the way I stopped doing that. I really need to start again-I miss it!


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