Monday, July 05, 2010

Accountability Sure Helps

My friend and I have been using Facebook to encourage each other to get our writing projects 'out of our heads and onto paper'.

At a certain time each day, we log in to discuss our goal for that session, set the timer, and begin. When time's up, we message each other 'Done' and email what we've worked on.

Lean in close... because I don't want to say this out loud, but we both attended the same writing conference last July, and being gals who are swift of heart and foot... ahem... we finally put action to the goals we set out that weekend. And we're not telling the conference presenters that it took us that long to get started either! Of course, you wouldn't recognize what we're talking about, would you?

There's something to the advice that successful people often share -- if you want to get something done, be accountable to someone. It's so motivating when you know someone is waiting at the other end of the session to hear that your e-mail has been sent and 'go look for what I've just written'!

With the gift of 'real' time online communication -- even though we live a couple hours apart from each other -- thanks to Betty for initiating our daily rendezvous, we've actually completed a few writing goals these past couple of weeks. Can you see the big grin?

Hope you're encouraged to dust off a goal or two and find someone to share the journey as you work on it. Even if you both live hundreds of miles apart, online connection makes it so easy now.

Wishing you a beautiful day whatever you're up to!


  1. deadlines and accountability-so necessary but sometimes so is down time to recharge your engines.

  2. Sounds like a good way to handle this and it'll work beautifully as long as you have the freedom to be completely honest with each other. Nothing like some peer edit review!

  3. Just filling your love tank with a simple 'hello'!

  4. I agree Brenda! Accountability is so key to acting on goals - whatever they may be. Sometimes simply stating them out loud to just one other person is enough to push us to action.

    Maybe I'll share a goal or two today!! (-:

  5. Good for you! I am glad that you have found your accountability partner.

    That is on one of my to do lists--buried somewhere--a writing conference. First I had better get some thank you notes written!

    Blessings on you . . .

  6. Accountability is such a good thing!


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