Tuesday, December 09, 2008

You Know You're A Real Cat Lover When...

Miss Kitty's favourite lookout perch on the step
(when she's not sitting on my computer chair)

A friend just sent me an excerpt from an e-newsletter she receives from petplace.com, in which it shared an article You Know You're A Real Cat Love When. I found these three quite humorous. You know  you're a real cat lover when...
You've been known to use a flea comb on your own hair in a pinch.
You steer people away from a certain chair with the words, "Sorry, that's Fluffy's".
You discourage visitors from helping themselves to your peanut butter because Muffin sticks her paw in there to help herself. (Miss Kitty likes unsalted butter and has been known to help herself if the butter dish is uncovered.)

And, here is my own proof.  You know you're a real cat lover when...
You choose to sit perched on the very edge of your computer chair until your behind is numb, because you don't want to disturb Kitty while she's having her nap.

Here's to a purr-fectly meow-velous day!


  1. Hi Brenda,
    Thank you for recently visiting my blog and for your very sweet email. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit. Cute post and even cuter kitty! I am a cat lover too! I no longer have a house cat as my daughter developed allergies but I do have two outside cats.

  2. I have to admit that I do the same thing to accommodate a kitty in a chair. So does Hubby.

    I loved your suggestion that you left on my last post. So today, when I went out to get some of the sun that came out at noon, I brought a book with me called Jesus the Christ. The whole time I read it, I thought of what you'd said. It was such a special experience. Thank you!


  3. Cindy, I finally got a couple of pics of Miss Kitty on 'our' computer chair. Will have to post them one day.

    So glad you found 'sunshine' in the words I shared the other day!


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