Thursday, December 18, 2008

Savouring Life's Moments

Miss Kitty and I have been reading Jan Karon's Christmas novel Shepherds Abiding these past few days. An earnest reader could finish it in a few short hours, but I'm savouring it. I didn't want to speed through the pages as though I were flying around the world on Santa's sleigh come Christmas Eve. By the way,  the word savour means 'to enjoy and appreciate slowly; to enjoy (a pleasure) for as long as possible'.

In the Shepherds book, Father Tim is working on a time and labour intensive project. It's his wife's Christmas present, and as time is fleeting, at one point he ponders if he should choose a larger tool to just get the job done sooner. He thinks about it and decides, no, he wants to give it his best effort, his deepest concentration, no matter how long it takes. He did not want to blast through an experience without savouring it or reflecting upon what he was doing.

Over the years I've been learning to slow down so that I, too, can savour my experiences more fully. I used to be so impatient to get to the end of a project, hardly noticing the process. That is, until I met and married Rick, who is genius at slowing the process of any project he's working on ... willing to spend the time and effort, and enjoy the prep work, and each step along the way. Watching him in action has helped me to slow down and enjoy the journey along the way.

As the days skate by, it's easy to feel rushed off our feet as we prepare for the holiday season. But instead of mindlessly rushing through my 'to do' list, I do try to slow down and pay attention. I want to enjoy the time I spend making sugar plums and figgy pudding. I want to savour my time as I finish wrapping up my gifts. I want to linger over lunch with a special friend (even if we only have an hour, to live in the moment for all it's worth).

So... are you savouring? Enjoying? Appreciating?

Sending hugs with joy,


  1. good reminder, my bad back has slowed me down considerably so I have more time and can't rush about as usual...found a good chiropractor in my new location so that will help. thanks for the timely advice during this busy time of year.

  2. To savour: to enjoy and appreciate slowly.

    hmmmm... I've spent most of my life like a Hummingbird, flitting from one place to the next rarely taking a moment to light anywhere long enough to relish what delight is before me.

    Then I got older, and a little wiser perhaps. But I slowed down.
    I learned to appreciate the joys of puttering.

    Interestingly enough, however, I have been sort of bustling through these past few days. Reading your charming post is a timely reminder to BREATHE... let my senses and my soul drink in the lovliness of the snow settled on the branches outside my office window, and the lusty aroma of the wassail I have brewing the the kitchen. I know I will now take the time to choose a package topper with care, and enjoy every loop that I place in a ribbon. I will imagine the faces of my kith and kin when they receive their beautifully wrapped gifts and I will relish the art of giving to the fullest.

    You are such a delight, Brenda. I look forward to getting to know you better in the upcoming year!!

    Thank you for the welcome home.

  3. Lin, I'd like to know why it takes something like a bad back or other physical ailment to slow us down. I learned the hard way too, but I've been learning to pace my days and my activites. Although there are always days that are busy, it's not a whole lifestyle of it. There are ebbs and flows of both -- work/rest, fast/slow, easy/hard, fun/chore....

    Caryn, Flitting you say... I've likened myself to the bumblebee, humming here and there and everywhere....although he seems to get things done when he does that, me not always! (smile)

    Ahhh...the joys of puttering...I think I'm getting that down to a fine art too.

    You mention gift wrapping, I'm working on Christmas letter/cards still. It was my plan to get them out this week, so I'm on time that way, but methinks the post office will be delivering some a little late for the 25th, but I never mind getting greetings all through the season.


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