Saturday, December 20, 2008

With Every Christmas Card I Write

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas with every card I write..."

Yes, Virginia, I'm still writing out Christmas cards. I may be missing the postal deadlines, but since this whole tradition of writing cards and letters is about connecting with loved ones, I'm not stressing about any deadlines (mine or anyone else's)! I love the whole tradition of shopping for my selection of Christmas cards and then choosing the right style and message for the right person.

I remember the times, as a small girl, when Grandma and Mom would sit around the big table in our farm kitchen, surrounded by boxes of assorted greetings cards. They seemed to make a fuss about choosing the perfect card. Perhaps, because both the card and the words written inside were meant to convey in some small way the message of their hearts.

I never stopped to think about it until this very moment, but I guess the tradition was handed down, because I still love to fuss over choosing just the right card for the right person. And... as a child, there also was something most satisfying about watching the stack grow as envelope after envelope was addressed, licked, and stamped.

The past few weeks our mailbox has been happily stuffed with greetings coming from loved ones far and wide, and by this time tomorrow, my own greetings will be winging their way back to them with hugs and love and wishes for a Happy Christmas.

With life so busy it's tempting to let go of the Christmas card tradition. But as the days draw closer to this special time of year, I realize I don't want to miss the opportunity to touch base with friends and family... to say, I think of you and cherish the memories of our encounters, to say I'm still here and I'm glad you are too!

(Hum-m-m-m) "...with every Christmas card I write..."

Dreamily yours,


  1. a nice tradition I continue but do it with a christmas newsletter each year. helps me reflect back on the year and saves me writing the same thing on each card.

  2. I do use a newsletter as well (to mention the general stuff with photos), and then I add a small personal note to the individual.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that someone else does not worry about postal deadlines! My cards are finally ready to mail today.

    My mom has always written cards the week between Christmas and New Years when things slowed down. Her friends just knew that her cards would be coming the week after Christmas and then she could respond to things people had told her in their cards. Most of her Christmas correspondence was with friends from distant times and in distant places so there was usually quite a bit of "news" exchanged.

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! And I love the pictures you are using.

  4. Kristy, I just popped over to your site... those wintry wedding cakes really do 'take the cake' -- gorgeous!

    I know someone who traditionally sends her annual letter in February -- who says it has to be at Christmas? Although that is, admittedly, my favourite time of year for getting in touch with folks.

    And thank you for your comment about the photos I've been uploading. I've been playing with my new camera -- still learning -- bit it's fun looking for ways to add visual interest.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

  5. I don't think I could ever give up the tradition of sending my Christmas Cards out. Next year my daughters and I plan on making our own. Well some of them because I send out about 75 cards!

  6. Sherri, Yes, I've been busily writing out some cards just before I checked my blog. It's been fun to think about the people I'm jotting a note to.

    And making them is fun... I've done that in the past too. So enjoy when you start that creative endeavour.

  7. I've never sent Chritmas Cards. Well, at least not for almost 30 years. I sent them the first four or five years we were married. I sent them out in October one year. (told evertyone I wanted to be the first one to wish them
    "Merry Christmas") But after the second year in a row that I addressed about 50 cards, stamped them, and then placed them in a box to be forgotten until April or May. The first year, I sent them out anyway (said I wanted to help keep the spirit of Christmas alive throughout the entire year.) I figured that lame story wouldn't sell a second time. I spent a lot of my life being spacy. What can I say?

    I love the tradition, I think. My mom sent out hundreds.... and received hundreds in return. I guess I thought she was a bit obsessive with it.

  8. Yes, I used to have cards that never got mailed, too bad I never thought of your 'excuse' at the time.

    As I've gotten older, this tradition is something I truly enjoy. I love connecting with the people that somehow have gotten stitched into my heart, so I quit stressing if they don't quite get to their destination by the 25th...I know they'll usually make before before Ukrainian Christmas (Jan 6/7). I always figure that's my grace period (smile).


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