Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Feathered Winter Choir

Remember I mentioned yesterday that my backyard was filled with birdsong? Well, this morning, with camera near at hand, I was ready for my fine-feathered friends.

It's cold and blustery today, and the birds have been at the feeders with a vengeance. For all the plummeting temperatures, they still sit on barren branches filling the air with the sweetest of songs. It was as if I were listening to a choir in a grand cathedral. The Choir of the Great Outdoors!

Here's a feather thought to ponder... if these little sparrows can sing their hearts out in the middle of winter, maybe singing would be a cheery way to help us out when we're experiencing our own midwinter doldrums.

Tunefully yours,


  1. how true or if we can't sing we could chirp or warble.

  2. Those little sparrows look cold-it's amazing they can sing so beautifully in such cold!

  3. Oh, they look delicious... um, we mean, they look beautiful! ;-)

  4. Lin, what is that saying that goes around -- sing like no one can hear you? Why not! And if that includes chirps and warbles, let's go for it!

    Sherri, I used to 'fret' about my little birds being out in the cold, until the good Lord reminded me, they have their own down- feather coats! As warm as any downy feather bed! I laughed to think of it!

    Good Cats, I laughed to see your lip-smacking comment....


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