Friday, August 18, 2023

It's A Beautiful Life Turns Fifteen!

"There is nothing like that exquisite moment when
you first discover the beauty of connecting with others
in celebration of larger ideals and shared wisdom."
GORDON GEE, American academic

On this day fifteen years ago, It's A Beautiful Life drew its first breath. I introduced myself to the world, committed myself to writing 100 posts in 100 days, and wondered what, if anything, would come of this new venture called blogging. Now here we are fifteen years later.

This has been the place where I write about living a beautiful life. For me, my posts are a lot like writing letters from home: we share our lives and trade recipes, favourite book titles, and 'oh, here are a few pictures of the garden, our family at Christmas, our visit to so-and-so', etc. I have truly enjoyed meeting kindred spirits from around the globe who share similar interests in discovering the beauty of our world and creating it in our ordinary, everyday lives. Sometimes in our upside-down world it's easy to lose sight of what makes life gracious and fulfilling. Writing here with you in mind helps me to remember. It's become my favourite place to write.

Your presence here makes me glad. I was especially grateful during those hard quarantine days during the pandemic. What a solace it was to find your replies to posts I'd written. It made me appreciate all over again, just what a beautiful online community we have in Blogland. It made such a difference to feel a sense of community and not feel so isolated within my four walls during that time. How often your lovely and encouraging comments came at just the right time—not only then, but all through the years. When I especially needed a boost to keep writing, there you were lifting me up with your words. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

☙ ❦ ❧

Here are two headers I created and used in earlier years. The second one was a real favourite - I loved the girl in her hat - in my dreams I could imagine wearing such a hat (smile):

For interest's sake, the stats on the first anniversary: 400 posts published that year with over 10,000 pageviews. Today, our archives host over 1100 published posts and well over a million pageviews. Who would have dreamt! That's small potatoes in the social media world, nonetheless, I am amazed... and grateful.

To mark this anniversary, I've curated a small collection of 15 posts from the August archives - one post to represent each blogging year. These posts really are a slender slice of my life. Lots of memories floated to the surface. Reading an old post and I was right there remembering the event and even the ambiance in which I wrote it. I certainly felt the passage of time. Lots of water under the bridge, as they say. I am thankful to note that my writing skills have vastly improved over time. Reading those early posts, I was sorely tempted to give them a good edit, but it is what it is, that's who I was at the time. Ever evolving and learning. Although my blog's look has changed over the years, my theme has remained constant throughout—it's always been about living a beautiful life.

I've enjoyed the glance backwards. Please see the links below, if you care to take a browse.

Intro - Dear Beautiful Reader

Hello and welcome to It's A Beautiful Life.
My name is Brenda... Read More

August 2008
Day 1. Just Jump In

Today is a red letter day for me! I'm jumping into the ever-
growing circle of bloggers as I create this new blog... Read More

☙ ❦ ❧
August 2009
Evening in the Garden
The evening was so beautiful last evening. It was
warm, balmy, and with very few bugs... Read More

☙ ❦ ❧
August 2010
Friendship, Chocolate, and a Birdie

A long time friend came for a visit
today. We shared a simple lunch... Read More

☙ ❦ ❧

August 2011
Brass Polishing Moments and Other Nuances
With hands busy polishing brass—and there's quite a lot of it—
in the theatre of our local performing arts centre this... Read More

☙ ❦ ❧

August 2012
Letter in the Post
What a lovely morning. Lots of storms and rain these days,
but also lots of beautiful sunshine and hot weather... Read More


☙ ❦ ❧

August 2013
The Simple Woman's Daybook
Outside my window...grey clouds scudded by earlier this morning,
now blue skies and puffy white clouds sail past as if... Read More


☙ ❦ ❧

August 2014
Unveiling A 'Me' Photo
As you may recall, this past May I attended my first
writer's retreat. It was an awesome experience... Read More

☙ ❦ ❧

August 2015
Memoir Moment: The Piano
Some of my earliest childhood memories revolve
around the beautiful 1900's piano that once sat... Read More

☙ ❦ ❧

August 2016
Peach Tart on a Warm Summer's Day
Such a warm summer day. Hot, but not so
blistering as to make your cheeks melt... Read More

☙ ❦ ❧
August 2017
Late Summer Blooms with a bit of Musing

Have you have ever seriously wondered if you are a late
bloomer in life? Everyone else, after high school... Read More


☙ ❦ ❧

August 2018
Childhood Summers on the Farm

As a kid, I never thought we lived in an interesting place. To
me, it was just so ordinary. Plunked on a small farm in... Read More


☙ ❦ ❧

August 2019
Peace Rose: A Notecard Set

Some years ago now, a dear blogging friend Vee used to
host a Notecard Party.  It was held once a month... Read More


☙ ❦ ❧

August 2020
Small Treats & Something Normal in Covid

I haven't gone shopping 'just for fun' since March. It's been
only for essentials and basics, so you can imagine... Read More


☙ ❦ ❧

August 2021
Garden Glimpses at Last

It dawned calm and overcast this morning. With a mix
of rain clouds and smoke hazing the sky from... Read More

☙ ❦ ❧

August 2022
Hold Expectations Loosely

As a girl, I remember having a kind of impression
that life should line up with my expectations... Read More

After all these years, I still love writing here on It's A Beautiful Life. As with seasons of life, sometimes I write more often and sometimes less often, but my heart is always here... with you, dear beautiful friends. Thank you for sharing the journey with me and for making it such a pleasant one. Here's to the next fifteen years - I wonder what they will look like. As long as I can, I will carry on. I hope you will as well.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

Photo credit:
(Top)Image by Guenther Dilligen from Pixabay


  1. Brenda, your blog is one of the very special ones on my reading list. I always read your posts at least twice and come away each time feeling the better for it! I also had the privilege of meeting you some years back now and that was a lovely day. Congratulations on your 15th anniversary, and hopes for many more.

  2. I am very grateful for your blog. Your writings, and the design of your blog and posts, are soothing and peaceful. It was based on your recommendation, some time ago, that I acquired a lovely book, "Our Hearts are in England." I will come back later and read the collection of posts that you have gathered. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Brenda, your blog does so much for me too. After every visit, I am cleansed in some area of my life. That clearly tells me just how big a heart you have and how generous you are in your giving. Wishing this blog many more beautiful years🩷

  4. Congratulations on reaching this milestone! We started out at around the same time—August 3, 2008 for me. I have long appreciated the many people, like you, I've connected with over the years through blogging. I'm going to to back and read your 15 posts now. It's always fun to look back, isn't it?

  5. I'm so glad I got up early on this cozy rainy day. Lots to do but oh! it's so lovely taking this time to celebrate with you by reading all of your posts. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in this moment. Something in my soul heals when I read your words and I look forward to your posts every single time. Congratulations!! Here's to many more years, dear friend.

  6. I like the premise of your blog, Brenda. And hearty congratulations on 15 productive years. That take a lot of creativity and persistence. This year I'm at 10 years . . . and counting!

  7. Happy 15 years, Brenda. That's a whole lot of blogging. I've always thought you had a lovely blog, and it is filled with many wonderful things. And the main thing I've noticed when I visit is that it exudes goodness. Keep writing and sharing photos.


  8. Wow, 15 years of blogging. Congratulations! That is a good record of continuous writing and you have created your own little community of like minded people. Got me curious to look at my blog and there I discovered I only had 115 post all together, in 5 years. I think it is very interesting to go back and see old posts, to find what inspired us to write about and to read the comments people left. I'll have to come back and read those 15 posts.

  9. Congratulations on 15 years of wonderful blogging, Brenda. Your blog is one of my very favourites and I often read your posts more than once. Your desire to share beauty resonates strongly with me and I’m always inspired by what you share.
    I look forward to reading some of your past posts, as well. I’m using my phone rather than my computer these days while travelling and have very few blogs whose addresses I remember.
    Hugs from across the miles,

  10. DEAR Brenda!!!! This is Ann from Ohio! I’m sitting in my backyard, listening to the birds and feeling the rays of Sun popping through the trees to rest in me!☺️
    Sooo, I was hoping that you migh “appear” today and here you are; with your amazing gift of “bringing beauty” to share with us .🤗🌸 I need to move into the morning but I can’t wait to find a quiet time later today to continue going through your posts of the last 15 years!!! It was fun to read the first one and my oh my, am I thankful that you took that 1st step!!!!! Your thoughts and words are a BEAUTIFUL presence in my life!! Congrats on your longggg run , your own evolution as a Writer and the “use of” your beautiful gifts that you continue to share!!!!
    Enjoy today!!!~ Ann🌸

  11. What a lovely idea to share these 15 posts. I am so glad you are in the blogging world, Brenda. I like how you put it that it's like writing "letters from home." I agree!

  12. Congratulations on 15 years of blogging! I started at about the same time, in 2007, but just met you through your blog a few years ago. I'm so glad I did! I always enjoy coming over to visit. You wright so beautifully and your posts are uplifting for me. I agree, blogging is like writing letters. I often feel it is like having penpals. Love the bloggers I've met through the years.

  13. I want to thank each of you for your lovely comments on this anniversary post. Please know I appreciate your kindness. I'm so glad we have this connection here in Blogland. Brenda xo

  14. Fifteen sweet and summery slices -- yum! Congratulations, Brenda -- You have maintained a place of beauty on the internet, which is quite a feat these days. God bless your work for years to come <3


To My Beautiful Readers,

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Franz Peter Schubert

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