Saturday, August 22, 2009

Evening in the Garden

The evening was so beautiful last night. It was warm, balmy, and with very few bugs. Rick and I went for a walk while a delicious Cherry Crunch baked in the oven. We looked forward to eating a dishful when we got back,  pairing it with a nice Italian (decaf) coffee.

We bumped into our neighbour, who was also out for his evening stroll, so we invited him to join us after our respective walks. His wife and daughters are away visiting family for several weeks, and I'm sure he finds his big house lonely. Because it was so pleasant out, we decided to sit in the garden. Rick set out candles and lanterns and put the cushions on the patio chairs while I dished out the dessert.

I wish I could share the fragrance from the evening scented stock. Not really an attractive floral specimen, especially in the day time, you can catch a glimpse of it in front of the pink flowers (above). As the evening deepened and began to cool it, the fragrance filled the whole garden. It was magical. And, rather than fireflies coming out to play (we don't have them in this part of the world), my little neighbour, Orange Kitten, came to visit. She happily frisked about in the garden, hiding in corners. Our Miss Kitty was not impressed, but we certainly enjoyed the antics.

Our visit was spontaneous, which is often the best kind. We'll remember this summer evening for a long time.

Happy thoughts to you all,


  1. Wow! Heaven in your own backyard.
    People travel all around the world to find a beautiful and peaceful place like yours.

    I'm glad your little orange neighbor kitten, hasn't forgotten you.

  2. This sounds so relaxing. Love the cherry header.

  3. ah the lazy days of summer, enjoy them...

  4. What a lovely garden you have. That was nice of you to invite you neighbor over. What a treat for him!

  5. Your garden is absolutely breath taking!!!!! I wish I could smell it!

  6. What an amazing garden...Absolutley beautiful...

  7. Happy cherry picking and fixing.

  8. How lovely - can just imagine the perfume from the night scented stock. Your garden looks beautiful. A x

  9. Gorgeous garden! Thanks for sharing. Thank you also for stopping by my blog. It's so nice to meet new friends!

    Enjoy your cherries.


  10. I am so thankful to be back visiting blogs, or I would have missed this exquisitely beautiful post. Your back yard looks like a magazine page. What a kind gesture to invite that gentleman to join you in such a lovely setting. Life brings joy to others when we reach out.

    Your header picture is so attractive!

  11. What a gorgeous bit of heaven!

  12. Oh what a heavenly garden you have ! Thanks for stopping by !

  13. About the fireflies in this part of the world ... I didn't think they lived here either, but my neighbour sees them often at her home surrounded by trees. I wonder if they've migrated north since you first wrote this post.

  14. Yes!!!Brenda! What fun to “see” your garden! Because we are approaching September I find myself planning for next summer !! My garden this year was a bit of a disappointment but I am anticipating a new deck which will have steps down to what I hope will be a prettier look! Your garden and ambience of it will inspire me!!!☺️ Thx so much! ~ Ann from Ohio


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