Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Little Orange Kitten

We've been tending a little orange kitten since yesterday evening when she followed us into the house sounding desperate. When I gave her a tin of kitty food, she gobbled it right up, so she hadn't eaten in a while. I've seen her before so I assumed she belonged somewhere nearby, but didn't know where.

After some inquiries it turns out she belongs to a family that recently moved into our neighbourhood. Apparently they went away on holidays and someone is supposed to be looking after their cats. And, from one neighbour, apparently these folks have a cat door and so that's probably how this little one got out of the house. There's no way to get in the backyard as they have a high fence, so we can't even show her the door, if that's how she got out.

So how long has Kitten been stranded outside? I've no idea, and it bothers me that I haven't seen anyone around. I left a note on the door and hopefully the babysitter will come by this evening!

I brought Kitten home with me, much to Miss Kitty's hissy disgust (she's now under the bed). You'll be interested to know where the 'intruder' settled for a nap ... on Miss Kitty's favourite spot ... my computer chair!

There, that's what's on my mind today --
I'll keep you posted as to developments!



  1. The little cat sounds like she is pretty smart for her age, finding her way to a place that will take care of her -- and even spoil her properly. Don't be surprised to see her again down the road...

  2. Surely no one would be that neglectful of their pet. She may be yours forever.

  3. sound like the beginning of a continuing saga.

  4. Sweet little cat - glad she found you! That's exactly how I was adopted by 3 of my cats! A x

  5. Hi there. Love the story of the orange kitten. I love cats and used to have an orange one - her name was Marmalade!!

    Did you end up keeping her?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep writing!
    Darlene (from Ontario)

  6. Love your story about the orange kitten. I love cats and used to have an orange one. Her name was Marmalade or Marmy for short. Unfortunately, my husband is allergic, so we can't have kitties.

    Thanks for your thoughts on your blog. Keep writing and God bless.

    Darlene Turner


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