Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Moment of Bliss

I was doing my vacuuming routine at the performing arts centre early this morning as per usual. The carpet in the theatre was quite messy in a festive kind of way. In one area particularly -- perhaps where guests of honour had been seated -- a potpourri of fresh and dried floral petals and seeds were scattered all over the floor. Not a real thrill to try and vacuum up. Until...

I caught the scent of lavender. One of my all-time favourite fragrances.

Now for most of us, vacuuming is not the most romantic of tasks on any given day, but right there with the vacuum hose in my hand, I experienced that tiny moment of bliss. For in the midst of the mess lay hidden a few lavender seeds. Oooooo....

Which in the end has been more than just that tiny sliver of time, for my whole day seems to now be dipped in shades of lavender. Perhaps the unexpected joy of it startled all my senses into paying attention.

So guess what I'm going to do tomorrow morning. Aha... I've got a little store of fragrance seeds from a dear sister-in-law's garden and I'll be carrying a pocketful to work in the morning. A wee toss and Miss Molly and I will think we're in a garden... maybe Provence... maybe even heaven.

Here's wishing you glimpes...


  1. Oh, what a lovely surprise to an otherwise mundane task. Ahem, I will admit to actually sprinkling dried lavender onto my carpet for this very reason. ;o)

    Hugs and happiness, sweet friend...

    1. Yes, I've sprinkled things on my carpet at home, just never dawned on me to do something similar for my own nose's sake at work..... ;o)

  2. I think small things like that make work or chores better... sandie

  3. Mmmm, there's nothing quite as lovely as the scent of lavender.

  4. This story made me grin...hope that you don't waste too much of your precious stash on the theater. Perhaps a sachet for your pocket???

  5. Good idea, Brenda. Lavender is such a pleasant, fresh, and clean scent! Susan

  6. How fitting for your 'lavender' blog!!

  7. Now you have planted the seed in my mind, as well as on the carpet, I might get around to some vacuuming.


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