Sunday, September 22, 2013

Simply Sunday: Beside Quiet Waters

He restores my soul and leads me beside quiet waters...
from Psalm 23

Can't you just feel the peace when you look at the photo above? We captured this pose on camera as hubby and I were out for a nature walk.

A man and his best friend out enjoying a quiet turn about the lake. The doggie, at first, wanted to stand up in the boat, so the fellow would lightly touch his back end with the paddle to indicate he should sit. Maybe Mr. Doggie had visions of leaping from the canoe into the still water to take a swim. Or play with the muskrat we'd noticed just a few feet away. Can't say I blamed him, the water looked refreshing on such a warm afternoon.

'Twas a perfect moment, just the way we wish our days could be more often...calm, beautiful, relaxed.

While they paddled off, hubby and I continued with our own bit of nature walk.

Of course no outing in the open air is complete without some sort of refreshment...tinned salmon salad with lettuce on panini buns, veggies and a crisp apple, all washed down with a hot cuppa tea poured straight from the thermos.

 While we ate, we were entertained by bold little sparrows; at first we thought they were chipping sparrows, but they had little yellow feathers along the sides of their head.  Can't recall at the moment what we found in the bird book.  Whatever the species, they were cute as buttons.

On that note,
I'm wishing you your own day of
calmness, beauty and rest.....


Photos:  Brenda C Leyland, (c)2013


  1. Mmm...water, trees, birds, and good food! Sounds refreshing to me!

  2. A lovely post, full of tranquility and peace. Gentle blessings to you today, Brenda.

  3. At first I thought the picture of the dog in the cannon was from Google Images!
    What an afternoon! It's enough to restore anyone's spirit.

    PS: I always tell my daughter to kiss the foreheads of my grandchildren for me.

  4. Brenda - you lead me beside the still waters and you nourished my soul as well as made me hungry for your wonderful lunch. Wonder if those birds are warblers? They sort of look like some I had around this summer and when I looked them up they were a warbler. Anyhow I had such a lovely visit with you...thanks for the walk. May God Bless You with another lovely autumn day.

  5. Brenda what a beautiful blog...I am going to be a new follower! I found you via Judy at a little something for you....Looking forward to you future posts.


  6. You added beauty again to my day, with my visit here. Your purple blog d├ęcor and picture are so pretty! Your words are calming and refreshing. Thank you!


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