Sunday, September 08, 2013

God Whispers: If Not Now, When?


Never shall I forget the day years ago when, standing beside my young nephew's hospital bed, I heard the Lord speak into my heart. Nephew was very ill and with much pain in his eyes at that moment, all relating to treatments for cancer. I had just come to visit and the room was in a hubbub. He was crying. Nurses were flying.

You see, I was learning to pray for healing for others; I wanted to pray for him but was a little afraid, what if nothing happens. After all, it's just little me. That's when I heard God speak into my heart, "If not Nephew, who? If not now, when?"

So I laid my hand on him, whispered the cry of my heart that spoke healing and release from pain. I stepped back into the shadows of the room...still not sure what would happen. Seconds later, nephew says, The pain is gone and I want something to eat.

Can you imagine the utter relief, joy and wonder that God responded to my tremulous faith to 'just do it'? And to hear the words that the pain was gone, that he wanted something to eat?

From that day on, I've hungered to pray for change every time. I've prayed for people, seen things change. Not always. But oft enough to know that, like Elijah, who was a frail human being like me and made the rain stop for 3 years, I too can pray with results.

The earnest heartfelt, continual prayer of a righteous man--or woman--makes tremendous power available... James 5:16, New Testament

Just imagine if more of us who do follow Jesus Christ were to boldly continue to carry out the works He started. Maybe more of us would -- could -- expect changes. Divine intervention. Life changing experiences. Wouldn't our world look different?

I think that would be getting us closer to experiencing more 'heaven on earth' glimpses in unexpected places.

So, today I'm asking myself the question again....If not me, who? If not today, when?

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  1. Something our world definitely needs!

  2. What a beautiful prompt from The Lord. So glad that you shared this with us.

  3. Beautifully said and what a great story for us to read.

  4. Dear Brenda - what a lovely post. I hope your nephew is doing well now. I always remember Jesus telling his disciples never give up - always keep praying. Prayer certainly does change things. Thank you for sharing these lovely thoughts. Take care and have a great week.


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