Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September Notecard Party with Vee

 Orange Calendula aka English Marigold, My Garden 2013

 Sunflower Bouquet, 2013

 Pink Roses and Baby's Breath

Mock Orange Shrub, Garden 2013

 I'm delighted to be a part of Vee's Notecard Party today.
 Click here to join the fun!

Enjoy your day,

Photos: Brenda C Leyland, 2013


  1. Great photos, Brenda. I love the sentiment "Laugh Out Loud" - one of my favorite things to do, but I seem to do it less lately. These would make wonderful note cards.

  2. Lorrie, I think we might be kindred spirits on many fronts. Laughing is one of my favourite things to engage in. I tend to giggle sometimes at the most inopportune times (because I tend to see the funny side of things).

    I think we should take our notecard parties and start a wee publishing business and get them out there! I should ask Vee if she's up for that!

  3. Oh so pretty and with such positive and encouraging messages! I wish that we really could find such note cards. Perhaps we'll have to show "them" how it's done!

    1. Oh. This was before I read your comment. Ha!

      BTW, if traffic from the party is slow, your link wasn't working. It is now. Hope that you'll have lots of visitors to see these beauties!

  4. I really think I CAN smell your roses! These make the prettiest cards! Nice choices!

  5. Brenda, these are wonderful note cards! I love the words you have put on each one!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my note cards.

  6. What great notecards! Love the last two images. I like how you put the sentiments on each one as well.

  7. These are indeed beautiful. I use Pic Monkey to put text on my cards. I think my favorite is the laugh one.
    Blessings Brenda.

  8. You have shared some beautiful flowers for your note cards and added inspiring sentiments to each.

  9. So so beautiful. Great photos for cards.

  10. These photographs are gorgeous and your rose is exquisite! What lovely note cards these would be! Thank you for stopping by to check out my first note card post.

  11. You have chosen such lovely photos, Brenda! Surely, God's creations are beautiful. Glad to see your here at Vee's party this month!

  12. Very special notecards. Beautiful pictures and cheerful thoughts!

  13. What beautiful roses. Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Hello Brenda

    you've created a wonderful set of note cards from your amazing photographs - so beautiful!


  15. You captured the beauty of these flowers so well, and the sayings are perfect. Thanks for stopping by. xo

  16. Lovely flower photos for notecards. You are very talented.

  17. Hi Brenda, your flowers are lovely. I like the captions you've added to them. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a delightful rest of the week. ~ Abby

  18. Beautiful set of cards and I like what you've written on them.

  19. Gorgeous images Brenda, especially love the back view of the sunflower!


  20. Brenda,
    Stunningly glorious shots!

  21. Beautiful images. Just lovely.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Breathtaking. Perfect pairing of beauty, Brenda.


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