Saturday, August 24, 2013

Simply Knowing Is Not Enough

'There comes a time when simply knowing truth will no longer satisfy. If it does not change circumstances for good, what good is it?' ~Bill Johnson, author, speaker, pastor

Narrowing the Gap.  Simply knowing about a truth or good idea is not enough.  How many of your aha moments have actually changed your life in some way?  Or brought you closer to a desired result?  Lots?  Some?  Fewer than you thought?

We all get excited with a new idea or insight, but the trouble is that sometimes we're a little weak in the follow through. (Maybe I'm just assuming and should speak for myself.)

The gap between what we believe and what we experience is a lot wider than we'd hoped for.  Perhaps we've picked up the idea that just knowing the truth will somehow magically bring about the desired change.

But a new idea is just a seed, and like any other seed, it's got to be planted and watered before it will root, grow and produce a harvest.

We may have read a lot of great books, listened to inspiring speakers, or written reams of notes, but they won't do any good UNTIL we take the first step to do something with it.

So...think of one truth or idea you thought would change your life in some way but it hasn't (yet).

Is there a tiny step you could take today to bring about a change you desire in your situation, health, relationship, or job?

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  1. Thank-you for this evening devotional. It sort of ties in with a quote I read recently and can't forget. 'It is never too late to begin being who you wished to be'. It takes patience and effort to bring about change! I will ponder your challenge as I finish cleaning up the house tonight.

    Have a blessed week-end, Brenda.

  2. Yes, and I think it qualifies as a "just do it" or a "why not now?"


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