Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Breathing English Air

Blogging friends like Tracey and Cornish Cream breathe English air every day, taking in the beauty of their own gardens and countryside. Others of us dream over photo-laden magazines of this lovely corner of the world. And then we sigh.

I've been to England once a long time ago. Loved my all-too-short visit. Ever since, it has been my coveted desire to return with hubby in tow and find a nice place to stay awhile. To take in deep draughts of English air, maybe call on a blogging friend or two, share a nice cuppa and go for tours in English country gardens or drive through sheep-fielded countryside.  I've got a long list of must-visits, places like Oxford and Devon and Cornwall and Grasmere and....

In the meantime, thanks to Victoria (Sept 2013 issue) and The English Home (Sept/Oct 2013), we are 'celebrating the essence of English style' right in my own Canadian flavoured corner.  And we're enjoying it almost as much as being there...well, almost!

Oh, before I forget, if you love the Victoria magazine (both the classic and the new versions), you may be happy to learn that there is a two-DVD set being offered--which includes all 278 issues, from 1987-2012.  How's that for bliss! I still have my paper copies from Day One, but it still might be great to own a set. And, for any of you who regret being over-zealous one day and have cleared them off your shelves, this is your chance to make it up! Here's the link.

Now, if that isn't already enough, there's more that I'm excited about.  It really is 'breathe English air' day. Susan Branch's newest book has just been released. And guess what, it's called A Fine Romance:  Falling in love with the English CountrysideBrenda at Coffeeteabooksandme has written a lovely review which includes glorious glimpses of the inside of the book. Heads up, if you want to order, you could use Brenda's Amazon Associates link (which blesses her). You can tell her I sent you.

Best wishes for a joy-filled rest of the day! 



  1. All the best for your writing entry!

  2. Isn't it funny, how you want to visit England, while I want to visit Canada! The places on my 'must visit' list will take a lot longer to see than those on yours; I think I need to plan several trips to Canada.
    I sometimes buy the English Home magazine, but have never seen a copy of Victoria, I must try to get one. I have seen it featured on a few blogs.
    Well done on completing your essays, and good luck!

    1. Yes, the exotic seems to always be somewhere where we are not!

      Well then... we better plan a couple of trips... we'd love to show you some of our lovely sights... and I'd love for you to show me a few of your favourite haunts. Go for a walk with your dear doggies in tow.

      Where's my bucket list...

  3. Thank you!!!

    I also love the British magazines like British Country Living and the above The English Home. We used to have a Border's near us (before they all went under) where I'd love to peruse the British magazines. I miss doing so!

    A subscription to Victoria is part of my Christmas each year from my husband. If he walks out to the road to get the mail and it is there, he always enters the house saying he has a gift for me. I think it is because he knows I will be quiet for at least an hour perusing it immediately. ;)

    1. Brenda, thanks so much for stopping by. I know from reading your blog that we not only share our name, but lots of other interests, like Victoria, kitty cats, England, Oxford......

      How lovely that your husband's gift keeps on giving all year long...chuckled at your comment about being quiet for at least an hour.

  4. That Brenda! I told her that I ordered my copy based on her preview of a review. I must wait for it, though...

    All the best with the essay!

  5. OH, how lovely! A friend spent five weeks this summer at Oxford, and his blog posts were inspiring!

    I hope you win a prize with your essays.


  6. I pre-ordered Susan Branch's book from her site and have loved every minute of reading it. It's exactly like reading a diary, but one written with an audience in mind. Makes me want to visit England more than ever. In addition, we've been watching Foyle's War on Netflix, and I watched a couple of episodes of Tales from the Green Valley on Youtube while stirring jam and salsa today and they drive the desire even deeper.
    I hope you achieve success with your writing goals.

  7. Oh, I do so know what you mean about pouring over magazines and longing to be in England. Those are two of my favorites ~ I have those two issues on my coffee table, waiting to be read. :) I had not heard of the Victoria set ~ thanks so much for sharing! I missed the first few years and have been piecing together my collection via eBay. This would take up a lot less space. Good luck with your essays!

    That is amazing and priceless.
    One of my favorite things to do is to re-read those older magazines.

  9. Brenda,

    I should have known you would already know and have posted about this great offer from Victoria! So thankful I still have my hard copies, but really would love to have the "searchable" version. I wonder how they will make that work and how they will protect image copyrights, etc.

    And, don't you just love Susan Branch's new book? I just adore her artwork. I've been a subscriber of her e-newsletters for a number of years and always delight to see those lovely watercolor fonts enter my inbox!

    All the best wishes for your essays ...may they be received with the depths from which they were penned!


    ever Remembering Victoria


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