Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gift from the Garden

Some dear friends stopped by to drop off a freshly-picked bouquet of petaled sunshine from the garden. Even though I've shared sunflowers just a few days ago, I cannot not use this as a blogging opp today! Don't you just love these colours?

In our kitchen there hangs a wonderful modern painting in sea greens and blues -- it seems to have created the perfect background for these beauties.

Now...wouldn't Vincent Van Gogh have fun with these lovelies? He created several versions of sunflower paintings in his day.

I wish I was a painter... but my fingers are more at home with a pen in them than a paintbrush.  Naybe when I get to heaven and have a few eons to practice...maybe then. In the meantime, I'm very happy for cameras that allow us to share the wealth.

Have you ever noticed that God seems to be as detailed and meticulous on the 'back' of his handiwork as he is on the front? Truly, a master Craftsman and Designer.

Mmmm... I wouldn't want to show you the back of my needlework... I never did get the real knack of making the stitches as neat on the backside as the front.

So there it is... 
Another glimpse of beauty from nature's bounty!



  1. PS... Hi Vee, It looks like I have fodder for the upcoming Notecard Party in September. LOL

  2. Hi! How'd you know that I was here? LOL

    I love that God does perfect design front and back. That is so very cool!

  3. These colors are brilliant! I especially like the back view! This reminds me when I was directing middle school band concerts I was always concerned with how my BACK side looked as that was the 'view' the audience saw!! I hoped GOD made it presentable!!
    ^)^ Linda

  4. Oh Brenda, thank-you for inviting me to enjoy this festoon of color. and no, I have never quite thought of the 'back-side' of His creation being just as grand. Now I have something to pay attention to as we enjoy the end of summer wonders! I'm going to be turning over many things to see both sides. Brenda, you have a gift of weaving parables into the everyday things of life. Maybe that's why God will wait til heaven to hand you a paint-brush with your pen:)

    Linda's words made me smile.


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