Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sensory Delights

There is nothing quite like freshly picked green beans for supper.

Unless it's first catching that earthy smell that wafts noseward when you snap off the bean tips. Such a summery smell. And don't you just love the crispy snap they make when you break them?  It's such a satisfying s.n.a.p.

Other summer pleasures...lightly running my fingertips across feathery tomato leaves, rosemary stalks or soft Greek oregano. I admit to liking the pungency marigolds blossoms leave behind when they are deadheaded.

As for sweetness, there is nothing so soft and lovely as violets or pansies. One must lean in close to catch their whispery fragrance.

My little bouquet of summer...

Now, what's your sensory delight today?

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  1. I awoke in the night to hear soft droplets of rain. Such a lovely sound to drift off to sleep by. We've had so little rain this summer that it was a most welcome sound.
    Green beans - I froze several packages of them this morning!

  2. Awww, such a sweet post. I can almost smell it...
    Clean....that's what I'm smelling ...just finished:)
    I love all the ones you mentioned though too.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Lucy~

  3. I did a wee spot of tree pruning this morning; crabapple, pear, saskatoon, spruce, rugosa rose, each wood has it's own delicious perfume. The compost bin smells heavenly right now (probably not for long, though, hehe). I also tidied up the patio pots and the rosemary is so fragrant, you just have to think about touching it and the aroma is already wafting in the air!

  4. We are just starting to pick our Runner beans...not sure if that's the same as yours?
    I love the smell of lavender and rosemary and cant resist a quick tweak as I pass.

  5. "Days full of summer smells ,talk with friends,cold coffees and passionate stolen kisses, That how memories are made, simple and beautiful !!"

  6. The way you describe the marigolds is nice... I have the scent still on my hands from dead heading them just an hour ago. It doesn't wash off so easily. Yes, I do love the satisfying snap of green beans or the pop of juice as one bites into a sweet, ripe cherry. Lots of summer left yet, I hope!

  7. I cannot walk past lavender or rosemary without touching it. I also like the furry leaves of Lamb's Ears (stachys byzantina) I have some planted by a low seating area.

  8. You have described some lovely summer scents! I also love the scent of you brush by them in the garden, as the scent lingers on your hands, in sweet and savory dishes they enhance!

  9. Fresh basil on home-grown tomatoes with vinaigrette dressing over pasta. I love to rip the basilleaves with my hands so that the scent remains on me for awhile...

  10. I love the taste of freshly picked tomatoes!


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