Friday, August 09, 2013

Don't Rob Yourself

Don't rob yourself of joy by doing something
'just to get it done'.

Rick and I were coming home from work earlier this morning and saw a few people looking determined to get their walking exercise in early and get it behind them. I'm thinking what a waste of time, energy and a lost opportunity to look at the world around you for something nice to enjoy.

How many times have I done that in my life, unaware when I was either feeling a little sorry for myself, muttering it wasn't fair, or just trying to get it over with, so I could move to something more pleasant. Missing the moment I was in.

It's highway robbery... life stealers, they are! 

It comes back down to our choices, and sometimes we don't want to 'be' happy, as we'd really like to let someone out there know that we do not like this.

Hah... someone out there isn't noticing. Someone out there probably doesn't care and if she does, can't do anything to help you. So you might as well paste that smile on, get your eyes off the 'ick' and look around for the beauty... because you might just see something lovely.

It might make you smile, chuckle, and cause you to hold your head a little higher. Maybe even look at the situation from a new angle  -- like that cute dog in the photo above. Now he's enjoying his moment.

There... a little talking to myself and anyone else who needs it this morning.

Wishing you a beautiful rest of your day. May you find glimpses of something to make you smile, even if it's only 'up at the corners' as Noel Coward used to say.


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  1. I've sometimes felt that way when I am heading out on a dog walk first thing on a cold morning. However, once we get going I usually see things that make me glad I am out there.

  2. Needed it...glad it was here for me...loved it! :) Seriously, Brenda, this is a WONDERFUL post! Thank you for writing it for us! (And that little guy in the picture makes me so want to rub his belly!) Have a great weekend!

  3. It's so easy to focus on those "moment stealers" and always good to be reminded to look beyond them to the deeper truths and find the beauty that is always there.

  4. Oh dear... I fear this is me on occasion - especially when exercising! Thanks for the pep talk Brenda!

  5. What a great observation - thanks for the reminder :)

  6. I agree-goes along with my blog post tomorrow on!

  7. Wonderful post that I needed to read. :) Love your picture, too; my dog knows how to enjoy as well like that. ;)

  8. Yes. Why waste time being grouchy when I only make myself miserable - no one else cares. Very insightful.


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