Monday, April 12, 2021

Guest Blogging Elsewhere

"A name is the blueprint of the thing we call character.
You ask, What's in a name?
I answer, Just about everything you do." 

Today I am guest posting on InScribe Writers Online. Our assignment this month has been to write to the theme "What's in Your Name?", exploring our relationship with our names: what our names mean, how our parents came to choose them, and any implications they have had in our growth of faith and writing.

This has been a fun post to write. So I hope you'll come for a visit....the link is HERE.

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Now for something completely unrelated. I thought you should have at least something to take along with you from this post when you click on the LINK to my guest post. It's a quote I found yesterday in an old journal from my youthful days.

"I've learned that if you leave clothes in the ironing pile long enough
you'll outgrow them and you can sell them in a yard sale."

Ha! That obviously tickled me for I didn't much like ironing clothes as a young person. There was often a basket with items waiting for their date with a hot iron. However, I got immense pleasure from pressing out tea towels and pillow slips. I loved their simplicity—no shoulder corners to twist around or pant leg creases to mess line up. I found it both relaxing and satisfying to see cotton wrinkles disappear with a swish and neatly folded piles in their place.  

* * *

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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  1. That's a fun quote! My ironing trick is the dryer, but there are some items where that doesn't work. Ironing flat things is so much more pleasurable than tricky clothes!

  2. Brenda hopped over to read your assignment. It made me smile when I imagined your mom or teacher calling you Brenda Colleen. I always knew I was in trouble when my mom said Deborah Sue...something about the middle name being used caused me to think I might not enjoy what was coming😊

  3. I just read your other post. I found it interesting to see how God can use a few simple words to encourage us.

  4. I remember my aunt ironing her sheets on a big mangler machine whatever it was called. I never iron.

  5. Ironing? What's that? (I kid...)

  6. Hi Brenda. I don't particularly like to iron, but (on the rare occasion) that I do, I like it. It's nice to have things looking ship shape. Hope all is well with your, my dear Brenda. thanks so much for the visits to my blog and comments, too.....double treats! Hugs. Susan

  7. I am not an avid ironed either but it is a satisfying chore when I have the time and inclination to iron. It usually means company is coming. Ha.. Thining of ironing pillow slips, that was my job as a child, that and handkerchiefs.

  8. Love the ironing quote (though it is one of my closely guarded secrets that I quite like ironing).


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