Friday, April 30, 2021

Friday Sightings

" A single crocus blossom ought to be enough to convince
our heart that springtime, no matter how predictable,
is somehow a gift, gratuitous, gratis, a grace. "

The last day of April, another week gone, and a little more green emerges from beneath the brown landscape. Spring feels so slow to arrive this year, but the snow has been gone for so long, it seems that earth's show of new life should be farther ahead.

I woke early and heard the robins singing in the pre-dawn. That alone made me smile in the dark.

Yesterday I had the exquisite opportunity to see a female Canada Goose nesting in front of the local pharmacy on one of the still-empty concrete planters. A perfect perch. I was within a couple of feet before I realized she was there, settled on her nest lined with dry grasses and feather down. She didn't move, although she kept a beady eye on me. Not wanting to invade her privacy, no photos were taken. These unusual sightings are more normal these days what with more of their natural wetlands disappearing. They adapt to us - they have no choice. And for them I am sad, but it was a thrill for me to see this Momma so close up. Yes, Momma takes short breaks from her nest to feed, but she ensures her eggs are hidden beneath the down and grasses. I didn't spot the male but I'm sure he was somewhere around keeping his own beady eyes on me. 

I went out for my walk and found these in the garden. What a delight to see amongst the crinkled leaves and dried grasses. That old brown really is a wonderful backdrop for spring's new colours.

" The sun is hot on my neck as I observe
The spikes of the crocus.
The smell of the earth is good. "

I'm off for a short outdoor visit with my mom and sister. It's sunny and actually warm today. We all look forward to the day when we will once again sit on each other's couches and at each other's kitchen tables. But for now, we abide the protocols and take our wee pleasures when and where we can. If I'm to make my date on time, I best be off. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  

* * *

Wishing you beauty and heart's ease.



  1. Hello, Brenda. You certainly did have some lovely sightings. I love crocus but they don't seem to last long in our area. Wishing you a wonderful visit with your Mom and sister. Enjoy the moments and hopefully soon, things will be normal once again. Happy weekend, my friend.

  2. Oh the soft beauty of the springtime flowers! Soon we will be seeing more of this.

  3. Your crocuses are stunning! That deep purple! I hope you had a lovely visit with your mom and sister!

  4. What beautiful little flowers you observed on your outings. The mother Canada Goose sighting is so interesting. What a place to nest! I hope your visit with your sister and mom was very satisfactory, with lots of good conversation to mull over.

  5. Hi Brenda. I have always considered crocus as a harbinger of spring. They are so brave and hardy, too. Hope you had a lovely excursion with your loved ones. Thanks a bundle for your visits and comments on Writing Straight from the Heart. Hugs. Susan

  6. What a lovely, cheery post this morning. Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  7. love your spring flowers, we are into summer blooms now-with ocotollo and roses. see my blog.

  8. We're also seeing the purple crocuses here.

    Hope you had lovely visit with your family.

  9. I was just thinking about crocuses the other day. It seems to me I did plant them a time or two, and they bloom once, and then don't survive until the next spring. So I am glad to see your pictures! They are dear little things.

  10. How lovley, both the post and the crocuses. I feel as if we are back to the future around here - hot as if we're in the middle of summer, almost no restrictions, a strange new world.

  11. Dear Brenda your crocus look so lovely. There are so many beautiful flowers coming your way and I will be looking forward to seeing more of them. Here are daffodils and crocus are past and we are heading into summer blooms. I have always wished that the early species lasted longer. Hope you had a wonderful visit with your sister and mom. Praying that you all three will be gathering soon around the table and sharing a cup of tea. Have a lovely day. Hugs!


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