Friday, February 05, 2016

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Mikael Kristenson

Favourite Winter Photos I Spotted This Week

I am not pining for cold weather, but today I am missing some of the pretty snow shows we usually get sometime during our northerly winters. The little snow we have this year is melting fast, which leaves our corner of the world a sad shade of dirty with accumulating icy puddles on streets and sidewalks.

So this morning I'm taking a winter wonderland walk cyber-style and offering a few favourite photos I discovered this week. Please note the photos are not my own -- click on the links to find more about these amazing photographers found at

Wishing you a beautiful day and a wonderful weekend ahead,

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I love everything about this photo -- the colour combination of blue and white both in the snow and sky... the fat snow layers hanging from branches... millions of tiny snow crystals glittering in the sun light... the inviting roof top of that chalet off in the distance. Surely there must be a cozy fire at the ready, along with something warm in a mug around which to wrap chilled fingers.

What catches my eye with this one is the curvy clusters of iced berries luminous against the hazy golden light coming through woodsy distance.

I love the wide open spaces of prairie land, and this combination of sky and snowy field with the wintery sun hazy behind clouds makes me wish for a pair of happy dogs to go for a nice walk, and where we can see wispy clouds with every breath we take.

 Nathan Walker

What grabs my eye, of course, is the blaze of colour right in the middle of winter greys. Now this would be a lovely spot to hibernate over winter, don't you think? My study would have to cozied into one of those turret round rooms... the second floor, I should think, neither the first nor third. And what a room with view it would be with all those windows.

Ales Krivec

If we were standing in that field watching the Sky Painter's latest in sunset splendours, my soul will be filled and overflowing at the grand beauty our world gives us. If you and I were standing there together, we'd have to grab hands as we share the moment.

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  1. These are wonderful photos, and can almost make me appreciate snow...almost. :-) Maria's photo startled me because it looks just like one I took of the cranberry bush outside our office window. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Wonder captured so we can marvel again and again! thank-you.

  3. Beautiful winter photos, something we don't get very often over here in the UK, snow.

  4. They are beautiful pictures aren't they. I especially like the one of the house. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

  5. Such beautiful photos, I think the berries are my favourite. We are having such a wet and mild Winter in the UK I am missing the frosty mornings.

  6. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these. We've had much warmer weather than normal this year and, frankly, it makes me feel discombobulated. So thanks for some re-combobulation! (...did I just make up a word?)

  7. Just Beautiful. I love each one and especially the one of the house. Could move right in to that lovely home. Also, love the one of the field. Reminds me of our home in rural Virginia.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Beautiful photos, that's where I like my snow, in photos.

  9. Such lovely winter scenes, Brenda! Those deep drifts of snow in the first photo are just wonderful. We've not had much snow this year at all. We put away the sleds :) Thank you for sharing the beauty. The sunset is wonderful. Hugs xo Karen

  10. What a great post. Love all the photos but the house makes you want to go inside and light a great big log burning stove. Have a lovely weekend. Barbara

  11. Such beautiful winter shots - thank you for sharing!

  12. Great choice of photos. A proper winter is indeed beautiful but all we've had here is rain and grey this year. Roll on spring I say

  13. Your write up of each photo is just as nice as the photos themselves. These are gorgeous winter views, and I too am missing a white winter with all the magic snow provides. My husband doesn't get it, he's thrilled with this non-snowy winter. But now I have to wait another year to hear the snow squeak under my boots and feel the air so cold through my nose that it makes my eyes water. I'm glad to see other people feel the same about snow as I do, I don't think it's wrong to love winter do you?

  14. lovely photos but I don't miss the snow living in my warmer desert climate!

  15. All such lovely images. I am always in awe of how beautiful nature can be.

  16. Wonderful photos you found, Brenda. I do miss snowy scenes like these and on those rare occasions when they do come, my heart delights, and I make popcorn and hot chocolate! Perhaps I'll come back to these scenes of yours and enjoy my snowy snack with virtual landscapes!

  17. Hi Brenda,
    This is so amazing.I appreciate these beautiful photos of nature which testify of God's wondrous love for us.Keep up the good work!!!


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