Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Sending Christmas Cards The Old and New Way


Over the years I've had the most fun writing letters and sending out Christmas cards.  As a letter writer at heart -- it's my favourite genre to write in -- I reveled in having a large assortment of beautiful or whimsical cards sitting on my writing table, waiting for me to come and dream up lovely things to say to people. I'd have pretty stickers for the envelopes. I loved the whole process of addressing the envelopes, tucking in the finished note or card, licking the envelope shut (we never worried about germs in those days), and the final flourish was putting the postage stamp in the corner. I loved watching the pile of finished cards grow as they waited for their turn to the post box.

“Letter writing can be seen as a gift because someone has taken his/her time to write and think and express love.” ~ Soraya Diase Coffelt

I do believe I learned my love of writing Christmas cards when, as a little girl, I used to watch my mom and grandmother clearing a day early in December on the calendar, not to mention the kitchen table, when lists of who would receive cards that year were thoughfully created. Piles of snowy white envelopes on one side, an assortment of festive cards sitting at the ready on the other, the work was undertaken with a thoughtful consideration of who should receive which card.

You can imagine my delight when one Christmas, years hence, I had grown sufficient in age and penmanship that I was given the task of carefully addressing the snowy white envelopes. I was in heaven.  So grown up a task.  I have never stopped delighting in such a task.

Except, in more recent years that tradition has wound down considerably for me. Lack of physical energy some years, time constraints in others, not to mention some Christmases with slimmer pocketbooks, meant that I cut back on a much loved tradition of connecting with family and friends through the sending out of cards and newsy letters, or notes to people even next door -- as the season seems to open doors to be more merry and affectionate with our words and kindnesses.

Although I still love a handwritten note in a real paper card all glittery with good wishes, I took to e-mailing online cards and notes to people. At first, it was not the same, I agree. For those of us steeped in our 20th century traditions -- nothing to be ashamed of, to be sure, but those ways we first learned and grew up with are imprinted upon our hearts and memories so we feel they are the only good and proper way of doing things -- sometimes lament the changing of the times.

But, in truth, dear hearts, I now enjoy these modern ways of communicating too. I like being able to whip off notes in an email or Facebook message in a a few minutes. With the recipient often replying in kind within a matter of minutes or hours, certainly not the weeks or month as in the 'olden' days.

And the last couple of days I have been again in Christmas card heaven. Twenty-first century style.

For I've been sending out seasonal greetings by the dozen online. Just for the cost of a nominal annual membership with Jacquie Lawson, I have unlimited access to her wonderful collection of e-cards, notes, even cards with places to 'tuck' in photos and Christmas letters. I can send out Christmas cards to my heart's content. I LOVE it!  And I've only just begun. The month is still young.

Yesterday, I told the blogging girlfriends who entered the advent calendar giveaway but didn't win the coveted prizes that I'd send them cards from Jacquie's collection as a consolation prize if I could find their email addresses. I had so much fun choosing cards that were my little gift to them today.

Well... as my little present to you, I'd love to send YOU one of those delightful masterpieces that delight child-hearts to your inbox. Leave a comment or send me an email, and you'll have one sent to you before Christmas.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

Brenda and Snowflake


  1. What a lovely thought. While I've embraced modern technology in a lot of ways, Christmas cards are one area where it never even occurred to me to leave the traditional way behind. Then again, I never knew there were such beautiful e-cards out there. Thanks for sharing Jacquie Lawson's creations with us.

    1. Ooops...I forgot to leave my e-mail address. arenaissanceteacher@gmail.com

  2. You know I love these cards! I do send a few traditional ones, too.

  3. I've got some traditional cards to do as well... I'm glad for it too. :)

  4. Brenda it was truly a lovely Christmas card.

  5. I belong to a tea group on FB and took part in the autumn card exchange, now we have a Christmas one in the works. Since I make my own cards, it has been fun to create them for these wonderful women.
    The Jackie Lawson card you sent me was very nice and it was enjoyable to watch it unfold.

  6. I still send traditional cards at Christmas, but the delightful card you sent me yesterday opens up some new ideas! Thank you again!


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