Thursday, December 11, 2014

Baking With Little Sis, Part One

With Christmas on its way, there wafts into the room thoughts of baking cookies. Sugar cookies, ginger cookies, raisin and fruit cookies, log cookies, coconut wrapped snowballs, chocolate swirl cookies ... 

Baking cookies and decorating them with icing and sprinkles are one of those really special memories of one's childhood Christmases. My mom would make sugar cookies and cut them out into stars and trees and round scalloped shapes. And we got to sprinkle the sugar on top, after we washed our hands. 

So, that's me with my tres chic haircut and my cute heart-shaped apron. Learning the art of rolling dough and sprinkling just a wee bit of flour to keep it from sticking.

And dear little sister Kathy looking on. Don't you just love how she's holding her head in her sweet little hands? Why does a person get a pang in the heart? Is it the innocence, the potential we see?

Now, I'm sure she was taking notes even at that most tender age, for at age 10 she made her first poppy seed chiffon cake (from scratch) and then started tackling sweet dough recipes after that. Baking for her is still a joy -- you'll find some of her yummy recipes at Endlessly Delicious. Her Butter Tart post is busy with hits this time of year, and she's recently posted a yummy recipe for PB Chocolate Spiral Cookies.

I haven't gotten started on any Christmas baking yet this year. So now I think I can really, really start to sink into Christmas dreamin' and thinkin' about my wee bit of baking list.

Brenda and Snowflake

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  1. What a sweet picture. I can understand why you get a pang in your heart.

  2. Dear Brenda - such a delight to see you and your sister making Christmas cookies. What a charming photo and I am sure it brings back the best of heartwarming memories. I haven't started my Christmas baking yet...hopefully soon. Hugs!

  3. Such sweetness in that photo!
    No baking here yet...but we have a baking day on the calendar!

  4. Such a sweet photo with your sister seemingly in awe of your baking talent. My baking is finished as the family gatherings start this weekend.
    Have a nice day!

  5. Awwww, such a sweet picture, Brenda. And you are right about your little sis being so darling with her chubby little arms and hands. I've done a bit of baking, but haven't made molasses cookies yet this year. They are a favorite of the men folk in the family, and my grandmother made always made them.

  6. I love baking cookies to give for Christmas....and cinnamon rolls! Holiday hugs, Diane

  7. You had me scared for a minute. I was thinking this was the scents of all these cookies wafting through the kitchen. Then I realized it was thoughts and memories that were wafting around.Phew! Still, and all in all, it was a wonderful post and I loved the photo and the way you sweetened it up for Christmas, even if it was sweet enough with the just you and your sister. Lovely. Thanks.

  8. That's a photo to treasure. Baking started in a flurry of flour and sugar a couple of weeks ago as I prepared some things to mail, but it's now been stalled as I work on stitching projects instead.

  9. Oh Brenda, I had those very same short, short bangs!! haha. That's a wonderfully charming picture. I'm going to be baking next week, I hope!

  10. That picture is wonderful! Someone had an eye for photography...your mom?

    Sis and I have a cookie baking date for next week. We won't look nearly as cute. =D

  11. I have to agree with everyone, that photo sure is cute. And baking around here has just been thoughts...but I sure do have the eggs for it!


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