Friday, December 12, 2014

More Memories From The Kitchen, Part Two

Yes, I know you've already seen this one from yesterday's post, but I wanted to show you a sequence that has since rolled out from beneath that glass rolling pin.

Today I went to visit Mom -- we had coffee and Christmas cookies -- she's farther ahead on her Christmas baking than I am! We sampled spicy candied fruit cookies and ginger snaps.

Being in a rather nostalgic and reminiscent mood -- isn't that what many of us tend to be this time of year -- we dug out the old family albums. Guess what we found? More from the rolling dough session. I was so excited I had to share, with hopes that you'll enjoy with me. By the way, Mom figures we were actually rolling cinnamon bun dough, not cookies. That makes sense the way I'm holding it in this next picture.

Notice how little sis is keeping a keen eye on things? She's moved nearer the action and the baking tin is now in her hands ...  If only I could get my hands on that rolling pin, I know just what to do it.

Finally, it's my turn, she thinks. Hey, this is better than playing with Plasticine. There's such a sweet, contented look -- or is it a calm, confident look on her face as she rolls the glass pin over her portion of dough, and undoubtedly it's one of those 'first time' moments in her tiny life.

I've fallen in love with that little girl ... my little sister. Although I've always loved her (and my other siblings), seeing these photos this year is touching something on the inside. I feel like I have a new appreciation for seeing the current through the old lens of time.

There must be some significance in there, but I haven't quite figured it out ... yet. Maybe it's seeing with fresh eyes -- and being grateful more than ever -- for the simple pleasures and life lessons that we received from our Mom. Pleasures that never grow old and life lessons we hold dear for they continue to keep us in good stead all these decades later.

I hope you haven't minded me musing here a little. 

Brenda and Snowflake


  1. Sweet photo series. Your sister looks so intent - perhaps she is thinking "I'm going to be just like my big sister, Brenda!"

  2. What a wonderful story to share, Brenda! The kitchen truly is the heart of our homes… and the special memories made there can last forever! Warm Christmas wishes! ♡


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