Thursday, August 21, 2014

In Pizza Heaven

When my mom came to visit last weekend, we decided to try out a new restaurant called Branches. Already we'd heard reports that their pizza was excellent.
What better way to spend a warm summer afternoon than sitting on a patio that overlooks a beautiful garden centre, anticipating our exciting meal, and listening to the happy chatter and bursts of laughter of patrons also enjoying their good food and interesting conversations. Life was good.

Everything on the menu looked delicious, but we already had our appetites set for the pizza. And so we each ordered a different one with forks ready to sample each others. Oh yes...Y-U-M... they were all delicious. And though they were huge, we ate 'em all up -- every bite. No doggie bags for us.

So, my question of the day...

If you were sitting out on a lovely patio on a warm summer afternoon or evening, which pizza would you be choosing... the Margherita, the Chicken, or the Capicolla Ham?

And, dear blogging girlfriends, just in case you feel a wee bit guilty about eating pizza, you must see this great conversation with Elizabeth (Julia Roberts) from the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Then go have a love affair with your favourite pizza!!

Here's wishing you moments of your own taste bud 'heaven'...



  1. PS. I 'heard' someone wondering aloud which one was my favourite. The Margherita is usually my top favourite of pizzas, but on this day, it was battling for first with the Capicolla Ham pizza (which was my mom's choice).

  2. Very exotic pizzas...they all look good. Guess I'd choose what your mother was having. Loved that clip!

  3. Ooh, hard choice. I'd go for the Chicken one, I think. But I'd want a taste of them all.

  4. Oh, the margherita please! They all look delicious.

  5. How lucky you are to have that restaurant! I'd choose margherita first! But they all looked yummy!

  6. Oh, I want a sample plate (and bigger jeans)!! ;) But if compelled to choose, I think I'd go for the chicken pizza because the pumpkin seed pesto intrigues me.

  7. Now that is the way to enjoy, celebrate and relax, outside on the patio, with loved ones.
    What a great feeling to have all the senses swirling around you!


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