Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Nap Between Two Pillows

Miss Kitty Naps

It will always be tied together into one bittersweet memory. While the world watched and celebrated the Royal Wedding in April 2012 -- yes, we had our own little celebrations, but we did it with heavy hearts as we were feeling the very real pain of having to say good bye to our Miss Kitty the next day.

I still miss her purry self ... a lot sometimes ... because I remember just how much plain old-fashioned fun she was and how much joy she gave us. Just for being herself.

She loved to play hockey with her pipe-cleaner rings batting them all under the stove and then sitting there waiting for us to get the long ruler and haul them out so we could start the game all over again. And, she'd come and pat us on our hip if we were laying in bed on our sides, so that one of us could roll over so she could curl up on our legs. Of course we rolled over...don't you? How can you not when they go tap-tap-tap ever so gently albeit insistently.

On my list of 'a few of my favorite things', catching Miss Kitty asleep in a sunbeam used to be right up there for me. I tried to figure out why exactly; all I know is that my heart would feel a little pitter-patter thrill every time. Perhaps a kitty reposing in a warm sunbeam -- just enjoying those little things in life -- symbolizes that sense of well being and contentment we all yearn for too. 

How glad I am Miss Kitty was a part of my life and I was a part of hers. And I do believe that she'll be there waiting for me (as will my other kitty darlings...and my people darlines) when one day I, too, pass over the bridge when my journey is complete ... into a new life with our dear heavenly Father.  I'm so glad God gave us the gifts of our furry friends. A true treasure. 

The smallest feline is a masterpiece.
~ Leonardo da Vinci

Wishing you a*´¨)
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> (¸.·´ (¸.·´ * purr-fect day! *


  1. This is sad but wonderful.

  2. I can relate so much to this post, as I miss my Rosie every day. You are so right about cats dozing in the sunshine, their fur warm from the rays, and the snuggles next to bent legs or the crook of your arm. We had another cat, Molly, who would bat her toy mice under the stove or fridge and then wait for her daddy to grab the yard stick and retrieve them for her. Our furry friends are indeed one of life's great blessings. Your kitty was very beautiful, and looks a lot like a short-haired version of our Sophie. Blessings!


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