Friday, August 29, 2014

A New Look For Fall

Fresh new look for autumn, 2014

Today, suddenly, my hair was too long. And it looked like heck when I got up at 3 this morning to go to work at the local performing arts centre. Two days ago it was still okay, but this morning I knew it was time for an emergency phone call to my dear hairdresser. V-a-u-n, can you squeeze me in today? Vaun, being a true hair stylist from heaven, made room for me.

Never shall I forget the first time I walked into her shampoo shop many years ago. I'd seen her ad in the local paper -- been looking for a new stylist -- and I was drawn to her face instantly. I just had that knowing I would be easy and comfortable around her. That's important, isn't it, to feel peaceful with one's hairdresser. After all, you're both looking at your hair and face in the mirror when your hair is flat against your wet head, with that unflattering, silly dust cover around your shoulders, and you're sure hoping she's not saying in her head, not sure what we can do with this one, but we'll give it our best whirl.

Making an appointment with Vaun was one of those best decisions of my life. Lots of new, wonderful things came out of that little ad I saw. I had been off on sick leave at the time, my dear father had passed away a few weeks earlier, and my young nephew was battling his own cancer war at the time. So, you can imagine, I was battle-fatigued, missing my dad, spending time with my sister and her darling son at the hospital, worn to the core in my body and soul... I knew I looked it too.

Well, that dear woman gently folded me into her arms and heart when I walked in... just as if we were old friends. I don't know now for sure if she actually hugged me that first time, but I felt enveloped with a wide open welcome that was like a hug (and not oozy-smoozy).  She said, Come in, Beautiful, even though I knew I looked anything but. My torn heart lapped up her warmth and friendliness -- which by the way spills out on all her clients, I've seen it -- and I came away not only with a fresh new haircut, but with a new sense of  being alive and refreshed.

I've never forgotten it. We never know what kindnesses we bestow on people by walking in that royal law of love. And Vaun is one such woman. You can tell that all her clients love her. Because she makes us all feel beautiful... and special.  And she means it. I love her for that.

So there's the story... after my haircut, I stopped at the library for a coffee and a browse through the latest edition of Artful Blogging. I then pulled out the draft article that I was having trouble with at home on my computer, and sitting there surrounded by the atmosphere of creativity, the log jam broke... suddenly I knew how to finish it. I'd been tired earlier in the day, but I came away home and felt as if I'd had a nap. Even though I hadn't. It was a wonderful afternoon. And I'm grateful for these blessings that came my way today.

I hope you've had wonderful blessings come your way too. Sometimes they seem a little hard to find, but in my quest for living a beautiful life, I've come to realize they are everywhere, if I have the heart and eyes... and willingness... to see.

Sending you hugs and a bouquet*´¨)
> ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
> (¸.·´ (¸.·´ * of loving thoughts! *



  1. The lovely new you:) Vaun is a wonder-worker, isn't she? We love her too.

  2. Everyone needs a Vaun - and a Brenda!

  3. That's a beautiful look for fall and a wonderful photo of beautiful you! Isn't it just the truth that one day hair is fine and the next - it's just too long! How lovely to have Vaun in your life.

  4. You look fantastic! I think that a trip to the hairdresser is in order for me, too. I can't take much more of this recession hair. I've been good and not spent a dime at the hairdresser's in nearly two years. Yup, it's time. And as wonderful as my hairdresser is, yours sounds like an angel!

  5. That new cut looks beautiful on you. I could never carry that kind of style, and I envy those on whom it looks gorgeous. Wish I had a hairdresser like that. I understand how the personality of the hairdresser can make or break the experience. I finally "fired" mine a few years back...couldn't take the drama anymore.

  6. What a beautiful post - starting with that lovely photo of you and your super great hairdo. I LOVE your bangs! (and just might imitate. It's the sincerest form of flattery, right :) ?). Vaun sounds amazing; what a gift to you (as I know you are to her). "We never know what kindnesses we bestow on people by walking in that royal law of love." Wonderful.

  7. I love your new 'do Brenda, very pretty on you. I know a few people like Vaun. they make everyone feel like you're their best friend, but in a sincere and honest way. They are so comforting to be around. You're right, kindness and love and comfort is the best kind of therapy!

    The new hairdo and your story of meeting Vaun.
    I know that feeling of waking up with hair that has grown 3 inches! It's confusing and frustrating.

    I love the way you use words to paint emotions and feelings, (" I'd been tired earlier in the day, but I came away home and felt as if I'd had a nap. Even though I hadn't.")

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I've been putting off my haircut. I shouldn't. (I even dreamed about getting a haircut last night -- well about going to get one anyway! Long story. Seemed like an endless dream!) You DO look wonderful. A haircut can make a HUGE difference in one's world, I think. And having a "Vaun" in one's life is even HUGER!

  10. LOVED this post! You are beautiful inside and out, Brenda! I can see why you and Vaun connect. You both have a knack for making a person feel re-energized. You are stylin' with those lovely locks.

  11. What a great new look, Brenda! And what an inspiring story about your stylist! Oh, that we all would be so in tune to other people and their needs.

  12. Your new look is so lovely, Brenda! Your stylist sounds like a wonderful person. I'm so glad you found this special person when you needed her the most and that she is still giving you that TLC every woman needs now and again. You are so right in saying that blessings are everywhere if you have the heart and eyes to see. You are a blessing, my Dear! Hugs xo Karen

  13. i'm due for a new haircut-your looks great. but i haven't found that certain stylist i click with yet….

  14. I love this post and your beautiful hair! And the flowers you're holding make it look like you're about to go to a wedding, along with that smile of yours. ;) Lovely photo of you, Brenda.


  15. Just a beautiful pic of a truly beautiful soul!!!
    Ps: still lookin' for my needles & yarn!!!


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