Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just Like A Painting

Winter in the Foothills

We were at my sister's place in the foothills near Calgary, Alberta. I captured this view with my camera as I peered out the living room window one morning as the sun was rising. You can see the Rockies way in the distance.

I was amazed at how much this photo already looks like watercolour paintings. I didn't edit it in any way. But, if I were an artist, I'd be reaching for my paints and canvas to play with this one. But since I'm not, I'll enjoy it this way.

Isn't Nature grand?

Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places,


  1. Lovely! Yes, I've often wished I were a painter to capture the beauty we see in nature.

  2. Me, too. Gorgeous image. God's creation of Nature is amazing!

  3. Very beautiful, Brenda. And also very paintable!

  4. Nature and the work of God's hand is indeed a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

    I love the sun on the trees and snow in the foreground - it's times like this I wish I could paint too, sadly it's not one of my gifts!

    Things are quiet in our house now so I can now sit with my feet up reading - it's bliss!
    I hope you're doing something similar Brenda!

    Shane x

  5. GOD's beauty enjoyed by many!

  6. What a beautiful view! I wish I could paint--a dream of mine!

  7. Beautiful Sometimes you can get the picture blown up like a poster

  8. It is! I'm so glad that you had the opportunity to be with your sister over Christmas.

  9. The image is really great, thank you for it.

  10. happy new year in a beautiful world we live in...

  11. Aren't you glad the Great Painter's gallery is wide open, admittance free?! all we need to do is look and see! This one is so,so gorgeous. I often say, 'oh, if I were a painter...'

    Happy New Year!


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