Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Shops and a Movie


It's a clear, cold and frosty morning, and a rim of pale, pale pink hovers as the mostly full moon, shiny like a newly minted quarter, edges towards the western horizon.

Hubby and I are back from our far-too-early shift cleaning at our performing arts centre. However, it feels good when we leave and everything is fresh and ready for a new day of activity. Which excitingly includes Opening Night of the T.S. Eliot--Andrew Lloyd Weber musical Cats (for which we have tickets after Christmas).

So we relax a few minutes and I'm indulging in a wee glass of eggnog. Um ... in my view, don't be bothering with that low fat stuff here. I'd say cut the fat somewhere else if you must, but not in eggnog! It has a watered down feeling when you drink the low fast stuff. Just saying...

Eggnog done. Now we're getting ready to meet friends to spend the day out.  First, a stop at the big mall in our area to do a wee bit of Christmas shopping. Nothing serious needed, so it will be relaxed and fun. The boys are heading to the electronics while my girlfriend and I are heading to a lovely French shop called L'Occitane.  Each to their own... each happy. 

Later, we're going to a matinee to see Dame Judy Dench in her newest movie, Philomena. As I understand it, it's the true story of a woman who decides to look for the child she had as a teen and was forced to give up. I've always loved Miss Dench as an actress so I'm looking forward to her latest.

That's what is on our day... how about you?

Wishing you happy glimpses of the season,


  1. Love reading your blog...Merry Day 19 :-)


  2. This is what I'm talking about! Love this post. And I wish I was doing all these lovely things with my sweetie!

  3. I always bought Loccitane when we lived in France, I love their soaps.

    1. My favourite 'flavour' of soap is the Verbena. But I adore the rose-scented spray fragrance. Isn't it a small world!

  4. Wow Brenda - sounds like a lovely day out. Hope you enjoy every moment. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  5. Hope that the day out with friends was great fun. I have been hearing about the movie. I would be interested in your review. (It was one of "those" days here. Oh well. Into every life a little rain must fall )

  6. Love spending time on your blog-home. Ahhhh, I feel like I just had the same outing with you. Thanks!

  7. Sounds like my kind of day! In fact, Tom and I did something very similar the other day.
    So many great looking movies are now showing. Hard to choose.

  8. sounds like a fun movie, I'll have to look it up. we are fascinated by Downton Abbey and anything English! Went on a lunch date with hubby and then a little shopping-fun day!

  9. Merry Christmas to you and R, Brenda!


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