Sunday, November 21, 2010

Simply Sunday - A 'Hallelujah' Peek

For those of you starting to get in the Holiday mood, you might enjoy this video. And, if you are not in the mood, it might get you started...

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. OH MY !!!What beautiful music, I shall have to listen to it again.

  2. LOVE IT!!
    And they all go back to doing what they were doing, like nothing just happened,
    I love Flash Mobs!

  3. How fun, love how they seemed so sincere and full of praise for a great event-the birth of the Son.

  4. So the tears are flowing freely... what a beautiful video! Thanks!

  5. Hi Brenda how wonderful to hear from you again. I had to change my blog address for security reasons and I tried to find everyone I could remember the address for. I lost all of my old followers and remembered you but not your addy. I am just overwhelmed to hear from you. come back and follow again and I will now add you to my list. WooHoo. Happy Holidays.


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