Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is Quilting A Sane Hobby?

That is what Mom and I were wondering last week. Think about it... first you go out and look for the perfect large piece of fabric. Then you cut it into little strips. Wow, a big job cutting all those tiny strips. But wait... now you have to sew them all back together again.

But it's the way you put those little strips back together that creates the excitement...watching a new pattern form as each strip passes over the feed-dogs of your sewing machine.

It was quite the sight when we spread the pieces over the the huge makeshift table set up in the living room (the room with the most natural light).

Here is my mom. As you can see the afternoon shadows were already creating lots of shadows, so we had to stop for the day.

Miss Kitty thought it was a great time to play with those funny looking pins. (sorry for dimness of the photo... I caught her sitting there in the dark).

It was a special week -- I think we quilted more than just pieces of fabric though. Our hearts were also quilted with the beautiful pattern of mom and daughter time -- precious time!

So maybe quilting really is a sane hobby! Especially if it brings loving heads bent together over the same project, creating memories as well as something beautiful for your home.

Wishing you your own beautiful 'quilted' moments,


  1. That's beautiful. Was a nice way to spend time with your Mom.

  2. I have never quilted, but I have always admired it. My Grandmother use to quilt. My children and I all enjoy our quilts.

    It was nice to read of your Mother and Daughter time. I am looking forward to my upcoming time with my Mom next week!


  3. Great pictures. Was Miss Kitty doing quality control? Did she approve the pattern and was your work up to snuff? :)

  4. It is amazing what we do but look at what we create!

    Your quilt is stunning and keeping you sane at the same time? Enjoy your special time with your beautiful Mum.

    Pam x

  5. Brenda, this post is filled with beauty and love - your beautiful Mom, the gorgeous quilt and your loving words. Thank you for sharing your combined talents - in fabric and words.

    Will you please share pictures of this gorgeous creation when you're done? Pretty please....

  6. thanks for your comment - as for pipe watching... who knows the attraction - gurgling, clanking... your guess as good as mine where our dear felines are concerned. Enjoying your posts - what a quilt. I am just taking to chrochet and sewing in general. Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  7. I have a quilt I made for my mom with a top her mother-in=law gave her. Lots of memories of old dresses and aprons are sewn in there. Made in the 1940s.

  8. Much admire those who quilt! Love the idea of recycling and reusing some lovely old fabric and giving them a new purpose. During our time in the eastern States I saw some unbelievable gorgeous handmade quilts - simply amazing. So special to have mother-daughter time!

  9. I love your quilt and the pic of your mom. What a great way to spend time together!!

  10. Oh what a fun quilt! I love all the different colors and patterns. Loved the picture of Miss Kitty. Did she have a good roll on it? I'm sure Sassy would!

  11. I love this post.
    Your humor, the quilt, your beautiful mother and the time you shared. Wow, what a treat!

  12. As a person who enjoys quilting, I've also wondered at the sanity of it at times. However, there is great satisfaction in the finished product and the sewing is very therapeutic.

  13. I had to return and comment because I am not certain that quilting is a sane hobby at all...this from an outsider. I've only worked with crazy quilts, which seems far more sane to me in that scraps are used to create a whole. Gosh, how confusing this comment has become! ;>


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