Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Love Winter Sunrises

Look who's getting up
Stretching fiery colors across the eastern sky...

With promises of a beautiful day.

"Watching the clock is not the same as watching a sunrise"
~ Sophia Bedford Pierce

I just started a new book from the library entitled Dawn Light: Dancing with Cranes and Other Ways to Start the Day. I enjoyed author Diane Ackerman when she used to post publish articles in the classic Victoria magazine. Now I have the delight of reading one of her books.

"In an eye-opening sequence of personal meditations through the cycle of seasons, celebrated storyteller-poet-naturalist Diane Ackerman awakens us to the world at dawn, bring into stunning focus a time of day that many of us literally and metaphorically sleep through." (inside front cover)

"Ackerman's essays awaken us to a fresh awareness, saying: Pay attention, these ordinary sights are marvelous." ~ Publisher's Weekly

Yes, I want to pay attention and see with fresh awareness the beauty of these ordinary sights!

Wishing you a beautiful day!

Photos:  © Brenda C Leyland 2010 


  1. I always enjoyed Diane Ackerman's articles in Victoria, too. I'll have to look for her books.
    What a gorgeous sight to wake up to!

  2. Thank you for the focus...I awoke this morning to see a faintly red sky and simply thought, "Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning." What splendid shots of your sunrise!

  3. it's a challenge in wintertime to get up early for sunrises perhaps sunsets will have to do. lol!

  4. Pay attention! I like that! That's what I need to remember to do during my "ordinary" days. There is so much I will miss if I don't.

  5. How beautiful! How far North are you? You get the most remarkable sunrises and sunsets!

  6. My, my, my! That is an absolutely beautiful sunrise!
    You must of had the camera ready and close by. Gorgeous!

  7. What wonderful pictures of the sunrise!

    Yes, better than a clock...I'd rather stand outside and watch the day go passed than sit checking the time all day :-)



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