Monday, September 21, 2009

When Do You Like To Clean?

When are you motivated to clean your house? Those times you actually get into it and enjoy bringing order from chaos and making your home pretty and inviting?

A. When you can see the dust

B. When you are having friends or family over

C. When you are getting ready for a trip or holiday

D. When you return from your trip or holiday

E. On sunny mornings

F. On indoor rainy kinda days

G. The first cheerful day that promises spring has arrived

H. When the leaves start falling and the days grow cooler

* * * * *

I. When you browse a magazine on organizing or decorating

J. When you get something new and pretty for your home

K. Monday mornings, when everyone gets back on schedule

L. When there's that companionable ambience about the day
ie. you're creating in the kitchen and he's puttering in the garden or garage

M. Decorating for a certain season or holiday

N. All the the above

O. None of the above

P. Other

For me, it's "N" -- all the the above have been known to stir enthusiasm at one time or another. This Monday morning, it's specifically A, B, D, and I.

So, how about you? Leave me a note?



  1. Hi Brenda,

    They all apply to me at one time or another, too. What a great list. For right now, it's the changing season - fall, and a puttery mood.


  2. Usually, I clean like the dickens when family or company is coming. But I have a routine and try to keep to it.

    I'm a neat freak but not always a clean freak.

  3. Oh the blog looks so good. It's every now and then for me. Used to be when company was coming. I think I will have "come in and buy something" house, yard sale. I have too many things and no will power to get rid of anything.

  4. I am a clean freak and seeing a spoon on the counter will motivate me to clean the whole kitchen, I know pathetic eh!....knowing company is coming always initiates my putting out fresh towels, soaps and some delicious smells coming from the kitchen....reading this I realize I gotta get a life.:-)Hugs

  5. With just the two of us around here, it doesn't need a thorough clean that often because by now we keeps things where they belong. I have used 'all of the above',however! I love cleaning and making things sparkle, decorating for the seasons, and even re-arranging things for a new look, but I sure am not 'fanatic' about it anymore like I was when I was younger! I still like keeping things organized and clean!


To My Beautiful Readers,

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