Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Orange Kitten Found

Orange Kitten nestled on the deck chair

Remember, last week I mentioned that Orange Kitten (neighbour's kitty) went missing. Although she's not of our household, she's as entrenched in my heart as if she did belong here, so I was sure praying for her safe return.

Oh joy! Oh bliss! when Rick saw her scampering across our front lawn yesterday. And, today I got to see her with my own eyes. I went out for the mail and she followed me home from her house. 

Apparently she'd wandered awaaaaaaaaay off into another neighbourhood. Someone found her and took her to the SPCA, which is where the owners retrieved her. You can tell she must have been lost and hungry a few days because she's very protective of her food now. (Of course Aunty had give her special treats when she came -- don't aunties always do that??)

On that note, I'm calling it a day.... 
hope yours has happy endings too.



  1. Well that is a piece of bright and happy news, my friend!☺

  2. You are a very good "Aunty"! I'm glad orange kitten was found.

  3. Yay!! So glad she was found!!

  4. a happy endings, too bad all stories don't have one of those...

  5. So glad that the little orange kitty is back bringing happpiness to her owners and neighbours...and what a good aunty you are...:-) Hugs

  6. We are happy to hear that O.K. is OK!

  7. Dancing with HAPPINESS!
    She's back!


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